Maru had a kiss with Aiden for the first time. 

However, a few days have passed since then but the relationship has not progressed in particular.


Aiden clearly stated that he like Maru as herself, not because she’s a hamster or because she’s his wife. Maru also likes Aiden.

She just wasn’t able to convey her feelings……


The “I don’t hate you” that she said before was not a confession.

Because such words simply meant that she doesn’t see him as an enemy.

But since she missed the timing, it’s difficult to tell him that she likes him as a man. 

In the end, Aiden and Maru spent their days peacefully in that state.

Occasionally, Maru will transform into a hamster and allow Aiden to touch her.



On a certain day, Riley came to the hospital with a stiff expression.


“Aiden, I have something to tell you.”

“…… What is it about?”

“A messenger from the beastman country came this morning. The subject is upsetting in every way…… The princess, they want Maru to return.” (TN: The audacity! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!)

“Haa?* We’re obviously rejecting something like that, right?” (TN: Huuh? But the “aa” kind of makes him sound more irritated. Or maybe not? ehe)

“That’s very difficult. That side said that they want Maru to the demon continent……” (TN: Yeah, just *ss*ssinate them.)

“After abandoning her themselves, they now want to use her as a political tool? That’s quite a convenient negotiation.”

“You’re right. I also think so. But the opponent is the beastman country’s king. We can’t refuse him easily…… That’s why I plan to discuss it with him directly.”

“Are you going to the beastman country?”

“Yes, that’s right. I want you to come with me.”


Maru was quietly listening to the two talk but she couldn’t help feeling anxious inside. 

Most probably, the beastman country and the demon country  made some sort of a deal. And they decided to send a princess from the beastman country over.

But all the princess must have made a fuss and refused. There was no one who was courageous enough to marry into an unknown foreign country in that castle. Therefore, they pushed the responsibility to Maru.

If it’s an elf’s bride, there’s a lot of replacement. But the number of princesses in the beastman kingdom is limited.

The only princess they could send to the demonic continent without care was Maru. (TN: Damn these fXXkers!)


(I think that sending a half-baked princess like me will just bring shame to the kingdom, though……) (TN: Nuuu T_T)


Such a reason doesn’t work in the beastman country where the strong eat the weak. 

And the objection of Maru who is a weak hamster is worthless.


“I have no plan on breaking up with Maru. She’s my one and only wife.” (TN: D’awww~ Go and fight them, Aiden!)


Aiden said in a sullen tone.


“I know. If they demanded Salami to return, I would also feel the same…… The messenger said some nonsense like “We will give you another beastman as a replacement so isn’t it fine?””

“What an unforgivably foolish idea.”

“Hey, control yourself. Things won’t end well if you snap.”

“I am controlling myself. I have a high boiling point.”

“……Let’s leave it at that then. Anyway, we need to negotiate with the beastman country, We’re going to the beastman country, both you and me.”


Aiden quietly nodded his head at Riley’s words. The air inside the room is heavy.


“Wait, I’ll go, too!”


The quietly listening Maru said loudly.



TN: Scr*w that country’s king in particular. And also everyone else in that family.