Maru began learning the basics of pharmacology from Aiden.

Aiden approached her, who was interested in herbs in the medicine room, about studying it.

It seems that getting an assistant is a good thing for Aiden who is the only doctor.


Although she can read and write at a minimum, Maru, who didn’t receive a proper education in the beastman country’s palace, only has one-sided knowledge.

Because of that, she’s also studying the subjects that elf children are studying.

However, when Aiden’s body touches her while studying, her concentration flies away.

Maru was also troubled by her own strangeness since yesterday.


At that time, another patient came. The other party this time was an elderly elf who was suffering from a serious illness.

He was accompanied by his son while being carried on a wooden wheelchair.

Elves are sturdy but it’s not impossible for them to get sick.

Rather, illnesses that affect elves can be said to be particularly vicious.

It seems that Aiden had been treating him for a long time, but because the elf is old and weak, the measures that can be taken are limited.


“The affected areas have spread so much that there’s nothing I can do about it. Recovery is difficult at this point. I’d like to extend his life as much as I can but…”

“………As I thought, that’s really the case.”



After the examination, Aiden told the son, “The patient’s life will not be long.”

The son also seemed to have expected it and thanks Aiden for prolonging his life until now. 

Even the versatile elves who can use magic have their limits in the medical world. 

After the patient left, Aiden didn’t say much. He’s obviously depressed from her observation.


“Excuse me, Aiden….. You’ve done everything you could, right? That man’s son said that he would’ve died long ago. That the one who saved him was Aiden. So don’t blame yourself.”


“Aiden is amazing. You’re a smart and kind-hearted elf.”


Just as he did for her before, she stroked the head of Aiden who was sitting on the doctor’s office chair.

Maybe he was surprised because she suddenly touched him, his pointed ears twitched.


“Thank you, Maru……”


He stood from his seat and gently hugged his hamster beastman wife.

Maru didn’t struggle.


“I’m so happy that you’re here.”


Aiden’s face approaches the face of Maru whose eyes are blinking repeatedly.

And then, something warm touched her lips.




Maru’s thoughts stopped from the very first kiss that she ever received from another person in her entire life.


“Ai, Aiden…?”

“I’m sorry, Maru is just too cute. I subconsciously…”


The air turned bittersweet, and both their movements became awkward.

Strangely, she doesn’t hate it.



“What is it?”

“I don’t hate you. I was wary of you at first but I’ve slowly gotten to know you.”


Maru was aware that she may like Aiden.

Just like Salami who rushed towards Riley with a smile, like the rabbit and cow beastwomen who were bragging about their husbands, she fell in love with the elf husband she chose.


But she doesn’t regret that.

She honestly felt hopeful that she would live with him in the elf’s country.