Maru, who finally managed to get down on the floor, turned back into her human form under her dropped clothes.

Seeing his naked bride under her clothes, Aiden was shaken.


“……Aiden, look away.”


Although the important bits are hidden, it’s difficult to get changed while being watched.

Aiden, who obediently listened to Maru’s request, silently left the dining room. She doesn’t know where he went.

Shortly after she finished changing, he came back. He seems to have prepared a new wooden spoon.


“Maru is that lovely hamster, right? I spontaneously lost my composure.”

“Aiden, do you like hamsters?”

“I like small, cute, and fluffy things. Hamsters correspond to all of those. Besides, I also think that you are honest, kind, and charming.”



It’s against the rule to say that with such a serious look.

Maru’s face quickly became hot from shyness.


“Oh, that’s right. A patient will be coming after our meal. I need to prepare some medicine.”

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

“There’s nothing in particular that needs a hand, but I want to show you the hospital so can you come with me?”

“Yes, of course!”


Maru wanted to somehow return the help she had received. Be that as it may, the prospects aren’t clear yet.

Aiden is the one who abducted Maru, but her hate for him is gone.

Looking at Aiden always, she understood that he cherishes her now.


After the meal, the two of them come to a room in the hospital.

The food Aiden made was very delicious. As for cleaning up after, she naturally helped.

There were wooden boxes containing medicinal herbs in the surrounding. There are many drawers on the wall, which seem to contain various medicinal ingredients.


“It smells like a lot of stuff.”


Maru, whose nose was twitching, interestedly looked around the room. 

Aiden takes medicines out of the shelves in order.

Maru sniffed each of their smell. 

Perhaps he found her actions amusing, he told her each of the herbs’ names.


“This is a mari herb. It has a heat-cooling effect.”


“This emery flower is a cold medicine, and the zasa’s root is a gastrointestinal medicine.”


The medicine room was large and crowded with boxes and drawers, but Aiden knew exactly where to find all the medicines.


“Maru, this is the examination room. The other side is the waiting room … However, there are only few elves and beastmen waiting, and most of them who come here are humans.”

“I see. Humans are smart but they are weak creatures.”

“Yes. That’s why, I try look around regularly.”


While having such a conversation, the scheduled patient for today dropped by. It’s a young human and elf couple.


“… My wife seems to have caught a summer cold.”


The elf husband is worriedly holding his human wife.


“Please put her in there. Since when did the symptoms show up?”

“Since last night. As I contacted earlier, her fever isn’t going down at all which worries me. It seems her stomach’s condition isn’t well as well.”

“Are there any other noticeable symptoms?”

“I don’t think so……”


When the elf looked at the human woman, she nodded quietly. She looks pained.


“Understood, I’m going to start the medical examination.”


Aiden carefully examines the woman and takes notes in the chart.

Maru was nervous while watching him work.


“Hm, if it’s this…… perhaps having a bit more emeri flower will be better.”


Maru quickly reacts to his words.


“I’ll go get it……!”

“Maru!? You know where it’s placed!?”

“I remembered through its smell!”


Maru, who rushed towards the medicine room, unhesitantly grabbed the emeri flowers and came back.


“……This is the right one. You’re amazing.”


Upon receiving Emery’s flowers, Aiden puts each necessary medicines in bags and handed them to the patient.


I wrote the instructions on how to take them on the paper inside. You can decoct this time’s medicines together and drink it.”

“Thank you very much.”


The human woman and her elf husband left the hospital while carefully carrying the medicine bag.


“Maru, that was a great feat.”

“I’m very good at remembering things through their smell. Especially the smell of medicines and poisons.”


Just hearing her words, Aiden could vaguely understand what happened to Maru. 

He hugged the hamster beastman with an expression that was close to crying.


“Hey!? Aiden!?”


Once again, her face feels like it’s going to erupt from shyness.


“Uh, excuse me.”

“You’re safe now. I swear that you will never go through such pain ever again. I’ve heard a little about your family…… You poor thing, your life must have been targeted before.”

“They must have been relieved as long as the hamster disappeared. Some horrible siblings of mine came to me with poison from time to time. I didn’t feel like dying easily, though……” (TN: I hope those people get diarrhea for a month. Nonstop.)

“I’m very grateful that you’re alive.”


She can’t shake Aiden’s hand that’s stroking her head.

Being told such kind words, she suddenly felt like crying.


“You must have always been wary, right? Even after coming here.”


“I will protect Maru, from all your enemies, that’s why, please be at ease…… Though even if I said that, it might be difficult to do that* immediately.” (TN: Being at ease.)


Aiden continued to comfort Maru for a while after that.

The bride, who started to lower her guard towards him, made small breathing noises after falling asleep after getting exhausted from crying.