Four Ikemen Prologue

Transllator: OkubyouKun
Editor     : Fluffthoughts



When I opened my eyes, I was in the sky.


What is this? Instead of a floor, what’s beneath my feet are clouds. I feel like I’m standing on a transparent floor without sinking.

Wondering why I’m in such a strange place…. I try remembering my last actions.
I went to sleep after taking a bath like usual, in other words, this is a dream?
My consciousness is clear and I feel like I could grab the clouds so I thought for an instant that this is real.

[Arihara Rei.]

My name was called so I raised my head.
When I noticed, a tall man is standing at the place where nobody was before. His golden hair extends to his waist, it feels too beautiful and divine, he’s wearing an aura that makes a person obey him. He’s wearing a white robe and golden bracelets that are shining.

His slightly droopy, golden eyes soften as the young man talks to me gently.

[My apologies for doing this while you were comfortably sleeping, but I have a request for you so I called you.]

This is apparently not a dream. It seems like it takes a god’s power to attempt to summon a consciousness, or so I was informed by the man who calls himself God.

He said that my soul was mistakenly sent to Earth and that caused some trouble, so he wishes to send me to the other world.

[No, even if you tell me that.]
[I am deeply sorry. If I were to leave your soul in this world, it’s going to cause an irreversible effect.
[Like what?]
[A meteorite will fall to Earth within 10 years. Since its size is enough to destroy the earth in half, it can’t be avoided with humanity’s current technology.]
[You serious?]
[Seriously serious.]

God’s response sure is light. My soul seems to have magical power outside standards, and its magical power is not divergent when it is on Earth so a distortion occurs that seems to cause this kind of situation.

[Then I have no choice but to go.]
[That is right, I’m glad more than anything else that you understand. And so, since this is my mistake, I’ll give you some privilege.]

It seems like the different world I’ll be going to is named Yulias, named after this God Yulias protecting it, where magic, swords, and monsters exist.

[There’s the language translation which is a given, I’ll also add one ability of God’s eye as a service.]
[God’s eye?]
[If put in words you can understand, you’ll be able to see other people’s status and information about things.] (TN: Shorter term: Appraisal.)
[Ohh, well that’s convenient.]
[Well, that’s about that. Do you have any other wishes?]
[I would like it to be a peaceful country without war.]
[An easy request.]
[Also, will my family and friends as dead?]
[No, I will erase their memories and pretend that you never existed from the start.]
[I see…. No, it’s best if they don’t feel sad.]

The talk has been concluded in an instant and God Yulias sent me to the ground.

[If it’s you, there should be no problem, and if you’re troubled by something, come to the church.]

After his voice fades, my vision turned white.