Four Ikemen: Idle Talk-Ragna

Idle Talk: Ragna’s Feelings


I lay down next to Rei, who fainted from exhaustion, without my clothes.

Aleph and Ciel each have their own rooms, and I use my privilege to sleep together with him.


I removed the dress that Ane-sha prepared, stripped off the cosmetics, and I combed the hair of Rei, who was lying down in his birthday suit.


I found Rei in the skies of Verna, a town located at the edge of the Kingdom of Yodelia.


I thought it was a small animal floating, but it was a Human.


With his small head and thin limbs, he looked like a small animal with his eyes raised up, and it started when I became interested and called out to him.


I left my hometown with the other adults and wandered around many countries aimlessly.


While working as an adventurer, I was thanked and/or feared anywhere I went, and I personally experienced that the Dragonian seemed to be an extremely powerful race.


Even if I try to get along and act as their equals, they become scared and distance themselves.

Just from being pointed at by their look of adoration, my desired relationship is still far off.


Humans in particular are fragile, weak, and small, and they are beings who desire my protection. But they fear the Dragonians and would only look at me from a distance.



I did imagine myself finding a charming bride from the Human race, but it was a regrettably unfulfilled wish.



But this Human child unusually shows no sign of being afraid of me. Is it because he holds an enormous amount of magic power, no, it appears to be the child’s own personality.



When I told him that he doesn’t need to use honorifics, his tone changed at once.


Since no one has ever reacted like this before, the conversation with the Human child, Rei, was enjoyable.



[So, what are you doing here?]


[Hmm, a walk? No, a sky walk? Does Ragna also feel like this? Coming up to the sky feels good, doesn’t it?]



Up at this point, it is a situation where I will either be faced with vigilance and hostility, or he’ll hear my name and show respect. What Rei showed was the choice of having a small chat with me with a smile.




No one has ever talked to me in this manner before. Isn’t this like a familiarity between friends? Laughter spilled out from me due to happiness.



[Hahaha…. You treat a Dragonian like a friend without fear, hostility, and indiscriminate worship. What an interesting Human.]


[Oh, well thanks.]


[I like you, Rei. Be my wife.]



I thought that the suggestion that slipped out of my mouth sounded quite good. A wife, huh. Fumu, sounds nice. If I have an innocent wife like him, I will be having enjoyable days for sure.



His size settled rightly inside my arms when I hugged him, and my bewildered arms suddenly became powerless. Even his resisting appearance is so lovable.



Although the skeletal structure is that of a youth, I became attracted to Rei without minding the distinction of his gender.



For me to harbour this much feelings in such a short period of time, such a fate.


I thought that I was only attracted to his magic power, but if Rei’s reaction was different then I probably wouldn’t have thought to want to  marry him. Now I don’t mind either way.



Looking for the missing Rei, I wander around my hometown for a while. I should have been able to tell at least which direction the magic power that I remember at some point was at, but I couldn’t catch a clue at all. It’s about that certain day.



[Hey, Lizard. Let me tell you where Rei is.]



The Demon contacted me and I quickly knew Rei’s location. I felt that the Demon’s thoughts were involved, but it’s probably not something bad. I safely reunited with Rei.



Rei stubbornly insisted that he isn’t my wife, but he will eventually be my bride in the future as long as I don’t give up, and I continued to treat him as my wife without worrying about it.



What, I’m not going to do something bad. On the contrary, I plan to love him with extreme care. If so then I must learn to control my strength.



As a result of my endless pursuit, Rei accepted me.



Rei, who is surrounded by eminent and distinguished people like a talented and righteous swordsman, a young Elf Sage, and a Demon who has lived a very long life, was also loved by my family.



They loved him so much that he got played with, though. Since Rei doesn’t have the awareness that they will be hard to deal with, I scolded her a little so Ane-sha will probably not run wild after this.


My younger brother is too mischievous so I have to keep over him.



The Demon showed himself while I was combing Rei’s hair. He approached Rei’s face and groaned for some reason.



[Hmm~, he’s been cleaned up but I think he still smells like alcohol.]


[As he drank that much, there’s bound to be some drunkenness left in his body.]



After the event, the Demon repeatedly eliminated the dirt on Rei with magic.  He may have acquired magic power by capturing the body fluid from Rei using magic. 


Today he was making a delicate expression after taking it in. He must really be bad with alcohol.



[Do you not like alcohol?]


[I’m fine physically.]



If you have lived for a long time, there’s bound be one or two things that you don’t want to talk about. I closed my mouth.


The Demon was simply watching Rei without touching him.



[Demon, how do you feel about Rei?]


[It never crossed my mind that Lizard was concerned about that.]


[It doesn’t concern me but I am curious how you will answer me.]



The Demon shrugged his shoulders and said.



[As I have said before, I am interested in Rei.]


[Is it at the point of wanting to spend the rest of your life with him?]


[Who knows, as expected, even I don’t know about the future. It’s not like there isn’t a possibility.]


[Hmm, then you are our comrade after all.]



The Demon asked back without answering that question.



[Is Lizard fine with that? Swordsman-kun doesn’t seem to like it, though?]


[I do not mind it, besides, it seems that you value Rei more than think.]



It seems that Aleph and Ciel haven’t noticed, but the Demon’s eyes when looking at Rei certainly contains affection.



Perhaps, Rei may have unconsciously felt it, that’s probably why even if he’s being treated seemingly inconsiderately, he can carelessly leave him(D) by his(R) side.



Today’s Demon has an admirable attitude, so it might be a good time to ask a more personal question.



[Have you ever loved a Human before?]


[I haven’t.]


[Even though you’ve lived that long? What a lonely guy you are.]


[There’s nothing to be lonely about, you know?]



The Demon smiled and the air temperature of the room dropped. Having no self-awareness is such a worry. Let’s leave it up to this for today.



[What have you been talking about since earlier?]


[It’s about Rei being happy and that’s all that matters.]


[Really? Then let’s leave it at that.]



Whether the Demon is aware of it or not, either way, it is a good thing.



Rei is here and sleeping peacefully. That is enough.]



Rei, who continues to sleep unsuspectingly beside me, turned over and wrapped his thin arms around me.


I know that even if these eyes open, they will look at me without any fear.



Even so, to think that he doesn’t show even a tiny sign of waking up. He must really trust me, what a lovable fellow, seriously.



Perhaps because he’s touching me, my desire starts to raise its head against my better judgment, but I mustn’t wake him up just when he fell asleep from exhaustion. Let’s have him keep me company once he wakes up.