Four Ikemen Idle Talk 2: Alf

Idle Talk: Alf’s Monologue


It was the moment that I saw Rei that my world seemed colorful.

With his plain robe and black hair, even though he wasn’t wearing anything that looked eye-catching and vividly colored, he looked as if light seeping out from inside surrounded him.


When I showed him around the town, I noticed that I was kinder than necessary. Even though I was able to do this without paying specific attention to newcomers until now, what’s wrong with me?


When he smiled at me at our parting, I noticed it. That I was attracted to him.


[Ciel, there’s a newcomer that’s on my mind, what do you think?]

[Do you mean he’s dangerous? If you’re worried about him then just look out for him, just like how you persistently followed me around before.]


Persistently followed around him? I don’t remember such a thing, though… Ciel became engaged in his own interest altogether.

Since I was often told that I wasn’t suited for romance, I follow Ciel’s advice instead of my judgment and begin to look out for him.

I know which inn he’s staying in due to yesterday’s showing around, so I head there early in the morning.


Rei came out. He hung his robe on his thin shoulder and he was wearing a hood. He appears to be going to the guild.

It looks like he’s going to collect medicinal plants, but the only weapon he has on his body is a knife. Will he be alright with such lightweight equipment?


[…Hey, you, what are you doing?]


I came across Ciel who was loitering inside the guild with a puzzled expression. When I pointed at Rei and said, ‘I’m looking out for him as you suggested’, 




Ciel furrowed his brows and wished to go together.


[What, do you know him?]

[That’s not it.]


Ciel only snorted and stayed silent. I understand that I will not get a response no matter how much I ask him so the two of us continued with our shadowing.


When we entered the forest, Rei found medicinal plants one after another. He’s picking them up unhesitantly, he may have come from a mountain village which harvests medicinal plants for a living.


A monster appeared in front of Rei. I got the urge to rush out right away but I restrain myself. 

I learned from experience that it will hinder his independence if I help him too much, that’s because he can learn from his experiences so far.


However, when I think that that white and smooth skin might get wounded, I’m unable to stay still.


My concerns unrealized, the goblin was pierced by an ice spear and Rei was standing unharmed. I stroke down my chest in relief.


I’ve never felt this uneasy no matter how young and defenseless an adventurer is. I become aware that I treasure Rei this much.


And while I was distracted by my feelings, Rei disappeared.




Just where did he… He’s not within my range of sight. I searched around with Wind magic. I found Rei in an unexpected place. There’s a reaction in the sky.


When I pierced through the layers of leaves and came out above the forest without hearing Ciel stop me, a robust Dragonian was capturing Rei.


[Let go of Rei! Can’t you see that he doesn’t like it!?]



Rei’s big eyes widen and I’m reflected on them.


[Please help me!]


Rei is asking me for help. The happiness from being relied on filled my chest and I opened my arms wide.


[Yeah, jump into my arms!]

[I won’t let you.]