Four Ikemen Extra Part 3.1

A Picnic With Everyone! Last Part (Part 1)



By the time we reached the eighth seam, the sun had started to go down and was becoming yellowish. We may have relaxed too much during lunch and wasted too much time.


That or my feet were slower than I anticipated… I didn’t know that the increase in my endurance was just my imagination, that’s too bad.

Well, we can just use wind magic to go down the mountain on our way home.


As we were advancing through the shade of the leaves obstructing the bright sunlight, Dy, who was in the bangle, flew forward.



[It’s right ahead of here. I’m going there first.]


It would have been fine to go together since we’ve come this far, what an impatient fellow. I exchanged looks with Ciel and smiled wryly.


[Good grief, doing whatever he wants…]

[Well isn’t that fine, it has also been a while for that fellow to have any contact with anything connected to his birthplace so he’s in a hurry.]


Ragna pacified Alf who was making an astounded face with a knowing tone. Alf turned around to Ragna.


[Does Ragna-dono know what that is?]

[I don’t know personally, but I think there was a legend told in the past. I only heard a little bit of it once when I was a child so I don’t remember the details.]


Even with Ragna’s unclear response, he seemed to have an idea what it was.


The trees eventually open up. The road leading to the higher ground went on as if inviting us. Step by step, we climb the broken stone steps as if we’re drawn into it.


After climbing up the last step of the stairs, my field of vision suddenly expanded. In fact, there are no trees growing above the hill as if there’s an obstruction.

A beautiful lawn has grown uniformly at the same height as if it was being maintained by human hands.


Beyond the space where the lawn grew was a cliff, we can see Zohana Lake which extends beneath our feet, and the gray and white walls of both countries along the border. It was a very scenic place.


There was a light purple rock at the center of the lawn. It was a cylindrical rock with a diameter that can fit two of me lying down vertically. It’s slightly taller than a counter desk, and Dy was standing beside it.


[Welcome to our festival.]



When I tilted my head, the Demon greeted us with an exaggerated gesture and explained about the purple rock.


[Daebuldoir had held a festival once every year. It’s in honor of the prosperity of the city above the lake and the Royal Family. This device was used for that.


Even while speaking, Dy pours his magic power into a device that can be seen on the cylindrical rock.

It didn’t seem like it would start immediately even with Dy’s magic power, so he kept his palm on the rock while talking.


[What can this device do, you ask…. It might be faster to show you instead of explaining. Can you wait until enough magic power has accumulated?]

[Isn’t it just because you found explaining to be troublesome?]

[Well, you can say that but… I just think that Rei will be pleased if he sees it directly.]


It seems to be useless to retort to Dy who evaded it with a non-committal smile. I shook my head as a sign of giving up.


[We can wait if that’s how it is. How long will it take?]

[Let’s see, if you slowly take a look at the view, it would most like have enough gathered before the sun sets.]


Hey hey, won’t we be able to get down the mountain today then?


[What should we do?]

[I think it’s fine to wait. I’m interested in Daebuldoir’s technology.]

[I don’t mind either, this mountain is quite a calming place, after all.]


Alf, who is the only one left, meets eyes with the three of us. A moment after he faltered, Alf sighed.


[…… From time to time, it’s good to spend our time outside.]