Four Ikemen Extra Part 2


Dy only said what he wanted to say and returned back inside the darkness. Since he’s weak in the morning, and he’ll probably come out just past noon even if I don’t call him, we will proceed towards the sideroad by ourselves until then.


[Now then, let’s go!!]


I walk with a shout of encouragement. Alf and Ciel walked beside me and Ragna slowly followed us from behind.


As we were walking towards the mountain by the lakeside, we encountered the appearance of a fox squirrel that came to drink some water hurriedly ran away back to the forest, a cry of a bird that we couldn’t see, as well as a water bird that was about to eat a fish, etc.


It’s a scene I usually see, but it’s more fun to look at them because everybody is here today.

The monsters are also being controlled by Dy so they don’t show up, this is the most comfortable journey.


We reached the foot of the mountain before we knew it as we talked about the state of the city that Alf saw recently, the contents of Ciel’s research, and the various missions that Ragna took.


[Hmm, which way should we climb from?]

[Let me take a look.]


Ragna lightly flew up using his wings, and after confirming the way from the sky, he descended there. Since he’s waving his hand at us, we hurriedly run towards him.


[It looks like it continues all the way to the top, this is probably the correct path.]

[Thanks, Ragna. Well then, let’s check it out.]


We can also use magic to fly, but as it’s the long-awaited picnic, after all, I would like to walk towards our destination.


I also still have plenty of strength and energy, and Alf and the guys look like they’re having fun as well. Let’s just keep up the pace as is.


Unexpectedly, the road had traces of being arranged. Well-arranged in the past tense, as one might deduce. It gave the impression of once being paved with stone, and perhaps there were even stairs built.


Even though there are no longer people stepping into it now and grasses are growing wildly, nevertheless, how I understood that this road was pavement was because flat stone fragments were scattered about.


Ciel curiously examines a lump of stone half-buried in the ground.

Even if he doesn’t wear his trademark white coat, the things he does are still the same. That’s the nature of a researcher’s character, isn’t it?


[The deterioration is quite intense, but I wonder which era this was……. A pattern I have never seen before is engraved in it.]

[You’re right, it looks like some kind of character…….]


It’s deteriorated so badly that I can’t read it well, I feel that it resembles the old Daebuldoir’s language.


Dy also appears to know what is up ahead, could it be that the ancient kingdom’s ruins are there?

That sounds romantic, having a picnic is nice but exploring ruins also sounds interesting.


The mountain road wasn’t so steep and I could easily climb it while talking. It could possibly be that I have gained some endurance with my countryside lifestyle. I’d be happy if that’s the case.


When we were soon by the fifth seam, we found an appropriately open space. There are also some fallen trees that we can use as chairs and some tree shades.

It was just right so although it’s a bit early, we’ve decided to have lunch here.


After laying out the mantle on top of a tree and making our improvised table, I placed the lunch box on top of it.


[I was wondering what you have been busy with so early in the morning, so you were making our lunch.]

[That’s right. Well then, I’m opening it.]


Since the lunch box was stored inside the time-unaffected space, it remained in its perfect, freshly made state.


Upon seeing its contents, Alf cheered. 


[That looks very delicious. Rei, can I have one?]

[There’s a lot so you can just eat as much as you want. Don’t hold yourself back and eat, too, Ragna. These here have more meat and over here have more vegetables, ok?]

[Smoked meat, huh. Smells good.]

[The vegetables are also fresh, I’ll eat one then.]


The sandwiches were very popular. Even Dy who usually only drinks milk came over to me, ‘That looks delicious.’, and bit a mouthful from my egg sandwich.

Dy, so you can also eat food, I had no idea.


The lunch box that I made quite a lot of was safely sold out. Ragna especially has a hood appetite and heartily ate. Having the food I made deliciously eaten really makes me happy.


After a short break, we resumed climbing the mountain.