Four Ikemen Extra Part 2

A Picnic with Everyone! Part 2



I spontaneously opened my eyes with a snap. It’s still dim outside. It’s been a while since I woke up this early.


I’m so excited about our outing and so impatient it feels like I’m back to my old elementary school student self, I slip through Alf and Ragna’s embracing arms and jump off the bed while being careful not to step on Ciel who is hugging the blanket like a body pillow at the edge.


Oh, the bed became big enough to fit 5 people out of the blue. Ragna said it was hard to sleep on so he got it from somewhere.


The separate room is small so just having the bed makes it filled. But it makes me feel everyone’s body temperature so, well, I don’t hate it.



I take the smoked meat out of the preservation room after getting changed and visit the field to harvest some leafy vegetables. I also harvested a pink, tomato-like vegetable.

Taking out some bread and eggs from the magic space, I slice the bread.


I cut the meat and vegetables into appropriate sizes, efficiently sandwich the ingredients into the nicely buttered bread, made the eggs into thick omelets, and also inserted that into the bread.

I packed the finished products into a lunch box made of wood.


There isn’t really a problem even if I just throw in the lunch I made directly into the Dark magical space but, look, it will give a more picnic-ish feeling if it’s inside the lunch box, won’t it?


I delightfully looked at the finished boxed lunch. It has a nice color and it looks delicious, I’m looking forward to eating it.


I will prepare breakfast next. Won’t I get tired if I make this much, you ask?

Well, it appears that I unexpectedly like cooking, and perhaps because I know that there are people who will deliciously eat it, I can make food without getting stressed. I enjoy it instead.


While I was busying myself in that manner, Alf woke up and came out of the room. Maybe he was lured by the smell, Ragna also comes along.


[Good morning, Rei.]

[Good morning, Alf and Ragna, too.]

[Yeah. What are you making?]

[Sunny-side-up eggs, bacon, and also the left-over soup from yesterday that I’m warming up. It will be done soon so take a seat.]


I served a lot of meat to Ragna and a lot of vegetables for Ciel as usual, and then I put the finished food on the plate and carried it to the table.


[Here you go, just eat first. I’ll go wake Ciel up.]


I head towards the bedroom to wake Ciel who is as bad as ever at waking up. Actually, this job isn’t a hassle, but instead, I even look forward to it.

That’s because the newly awakened Ciel would yawn and look absolutely adorable.


[Hey~ Ciel~, it’s morning~]


Ciel’s angelic sleeping face was exposed as he defenselessly breathes amidst the morning light passing through the window.

His golden hair and white skin are shining in the light, and he looks so beautiful it was almost illusory and picturesque that it made me wonder if he descended from heaven just now.


When I grabbed his shoulder and shook him, his well-defined eyebrows drew near each other. And when his slightly opened green eyes recognized me, a languid and flower-like smile spread on Ciel’s entire face.


[Rei, good morning.]


He stroked my face and gave me a light kiss on my forehead. When I twisted away to evade the ticklish, seemingly unending light kisses, he discontentedly pouted his lips with a “mu”. (TN: Cute. XD)


[Why are you running away? Rei, come here.]


Ciel hugs me over and gives a kiss on the tip of my nose this time. He was giving me kisses on my cheeks, lips, and neck continuously and I sighed.

This flow is heading in a bad direction, if I get carried away with it then I will be pulled in bed.


I strongly pinched both of his cheeks.


[Stop being half-asleep and quickly wake up! Things like… like this should be done in the evening after we get back!!]


I distanced myself from Ciel’s partly-open lips and fled from the room.

I, I am definitely not thinking that getting carried away with the flow wouldn’t have been so bad, okay! I’m absolutely going on a picnic with everyone today!!



And just like that, we’re done eating our breakfast, we pack all the stuff we need into the magic space and we’re ready to go. The air outside is fresh in the morning, it feels cool and refreshing.


[Rei, you didn’t forget anything?]

[I’ve even brought things like tents and rain gears in case we get lost, I’m fully geared up.]


Seeing Alf in travel clothes after a long time, I look up and answer him in a refreshed mood.


[I see, shall we depart then?]

Do you know the exact place? We may not be able to reach the place with just the rumors.]

[You can just leave that part to me.]


Dy silently appeared beside Ragna and Ciel who were talking. Dy, who looked somewhat sleepy, rubbed his eyelids and pointed to a speck of Zohana Mountain.


[The light is, there’s a place that looks like a cliff that’s slightly protruding, right? It should be coming out from atop around that place. First, we will approach the mountain along the lake, and then, there should be a road there so we will try to climb up that road.]