Four Ikemen Extra 3.2

A Picnic with Everyone! Last Part (Part 2)


The tent has been built by the time the sky was dyed madder red. Ragna returned from hunting, held in his hand were impressive freshwater fishes.


[I’m back. Go on, Rei, please use these for dinner.]

[Wow, you caught so much. Thank you, Ragna!]

[Rei, instead of words, it would be great if you put it into action instead.]


As Ragna was pointing at his own lips upon saying that, I stood on my tiptoes, but I still couldn’t reach him so I pulled Ragna’s neck and kissed him.


I only planned to give him a light peck, but Ragna held my chin and inserted his tongue in.


[Mー!! Mmu!]


No!! When I strongly protested, Ragna reluctantly released my lips.


[Why are you being reluctant?]

[We’re camping outside today so things like that are forbidden!!]

[If Rei wishes, I can fly us home with these wings, you know? I can instantly carry you to a warm bed instead of lying on the hard soil.]

[I’m good! I want to have a camp today!!]

[Aah, I see, I see. So, that will be……  for tomorrow then.]


Ragna’s indifferent laughter contains no ill-feeling at all. I was also not mad and didn’t scold him any more than that as I accepted the fishes and cooked them. 



The fishes are fresh and it would be delicious even simply grilling them. Pairing it up with the yellow mushrooms that Ciel found on the mountain, I also poured Dy some milk while eating with everyone.


[Hey, it’s about time, right?]

[Let me see. Just a little bit more. Since it’s more wrecked than I expected, it took some time.]


The day was soon sinking. The cold wind mixed with the presence of the evening gently brushes Dy’s refreshing and beautiful profile.


After preparing the bonfire so the fire doesn’t die once we finished eating our meal, we gathered beside the purple rock.


[It’s gotten darker, maybe it was just right that it took some time instead…. Well then, shall we start?]


When Dy finished pouring his magic power and let go of the device, the top of the magic formation shone.


That light stretches towards the heavens. The light flickered, and a scene could be seen through it.


[Oh! Could this be…. From Zohana Lake’s?]

[Yes. It’s the distant view of the once Daebuldoir’s capital.]


Within the light, there was a floating city above the water. Amazing, it’s like a 3D Projector that doesn’t need a wall, a very vivid animation.

So ancient magic can also do something like this.


[This is beautiful….]

[I can’t believe that you managed to reach this level of technology more than 250 years ago. As I thought, Daebuldoir is really interesting.]

[The quality of the image shown is good, but  I see that the Capital itself was also elaborately made.]


The Capital was being projected from a distance for a while, but it eventually zoomed in and began to show the situation within the city.

There were also people waving their hands like they were posing for the camera.


The visual point gradually advanced towards the heart of the city. A refined palace was standing upon climbing the stairs past the fountain plaza.


The people gathering in front of the palace similarly closed their eyes while facing the balcony. Then, the clip suddenly ended by the time 2 shadows appeared.


[Huh, is it over with this?]


Just when I thought that it was cut right before something happened, a  note started to resound.


Within the rising whitish light, a stately and warm ambient music flowed out. Dy closed his eyes to listen attentively, and Alf cleared up his hearing with a sigh.