Four Ikemen Extra 1

[Here, it’s done. Eat up.]


The two of them started eating the meal that I cooked. Alf eats it deliciously and Ciel is also eating quietly with relish,  the two are really worth cooking for.


[You know, I have something to say.]


When I speak to them right after they finished eating, the two’s eyes focus on me.


[Rather than us not having enough time to all gather together, isn’t it almost nonexistent at all? Because of that, the next time that our rest time coincides with one another, I want to go to a picnic with everyone.]

[Oh, that’s nice. I agree.]

[I was also thinking of getting in touch with nature from time to time. So then, where do we go?]

[Well, that’s the problem.  Do you know a good place?]


We looked at each other and thought. A place that we can travel to within a day, has a nice landscape, and can give us the feeling of traveling, is it?


Actually, we haven’t even looked around this Zohana Lake’s grounds so we don’t have familiarity with the area.


For the time being, since there are forests, mountains, and rivers, maybe we’ll be able to see beautiful scenery if we climb a suitable mountain.


While we were humming and hawing, a large figure came in from the door leading towards the outside instead of the basement.


The sun had completely sunk outside, but the fiery red-haired man walked up to me boldly, placed his hand on top of my head, and heartily ruffled my hair. 


[Rei, I have just returned.]

[Ragna! Welcome home. You’ve come at the perfect time. There’s something I want to discuss with you.]


I also summarized the situation with Ragna. As Ragna listened while nodding his head, he suggested something.


[I see. If it’s a place with beautiful scenery then there are many of that around here, but the view from Amburezza Mountain is especially wonderful. The clouds are reflected on the Zohana Lake and each moment it changes is particularly nice.] 

[Wow, that sounds beautiful. But this time, it would be ideal if I can walk with everyone along the way and enjoy a picnic vibe.]

[I see, when it comes to a distance where we can treat it as a light exercise, it’s impossible with Human feet.]


Ragna also thought whether there was a place within reach with Human feet, but maybe because he’s always flying around with his wings, nothing seemed to come to mind around this area. 


As if he thought of something, Alf raised his face.


[I’m not sure if it’s beautiful or not, but I heard a rumor. Apparently, there’s a day when you can see the summit near Zohana Mountain, which is on the left of Amburezza Mountain, glow in white light.]

[Really? Could it mean that white flowers are blooming?]

[No, if it were flowers then it would bloom for a few days, but that light was said to only shine for a few hours. I heard that the appearance of the pillar of light facing the sky was magical. Because no one has gone up till there and returned, there are only rumors from people who saw it from afar though.]


What is it? Maybe it’s activated by some sort of magic? As I was twisting my neck, the Demon smoothly appeared from my shadow. The tied black hair gently swayed.

He lightly hugged me from behind with a sleek smile on his beautiful face.


[Rei, if it’s about this area then you should have asked me first. I truth about Akkun’s gossip. Should I send you there? The place’s scenery is also pretty.]



I see, come to think about it, this is where he’s from.

When I asked him, he said that he has climbed that mountain when he was still human. Its distance is one we can walk to and return from in a day. Its range is also just right.


[Hey, so what is that white light actually?]

[Fufu, you’ll know once you get there.]


Dy smiled quietly as if he’s plotting something. This guy’s secretiveness is really strong and it seems to be useless even if I pressed him some questions, so he practically doesn’t plan to tell me until we reach the place.

…… I got curious all of a sudden after being told that, and I started wanting to take a look no matter what.


[Alf, aren’t you curious? Let’s go and check it out.]

[You’re right. Ciel and Ragna-dono, can you come as well?] 

[It’s okay, if anything, I wanted to take a break so it’s just perfect.]

[I have also completed the first stage of my task so there’s no problem.]


And thus, we promptly decided to climb Zohana Mountain tomorrow.

Alright, I’ll get up early and make some lunch boxes!!