Four Ikemen Extra 1

EXTRA 1: A Picnic with Everyone! Part 1


On a certain early afternoon. I was standing alone in the kitchen, placing the meat that I’ve learned to cook on the chopping board.


If you work in silence, your thoughts will advance. Since Dy also wasn’t present to disturb me, I was able to indulge in deep reverie.


As my thoughts go in circles nonstop, I suddenly realize that, surprisingly, there might not have been an opportunity for everyone to gather together recently.


Alf seems to be busy recently and has been coming home late at night, I’m already asleep by then and there are times when I don’t see him. Once Ciel immerses himself in his research, he does not come out of the basement for a few days.


Ragna flies around while accepting requests from the guild, and Dy seems to have a nocturnal lifestyle and he’s often absent during the daytime.


I say that but I meet 2 or 3 of them every day one way or another but the opportunity of gathering all 4 of them leisurely just doesn’t come.


I just miss the time when I traveled with everyone. Just like that time with the 4 guys, I would like to experience going on a short trip with them again.


I was thinking about that while preparing the smoked meat. That’s right, I can now make smoked foods. I, too, have completely become an outstanding house-husband, haven’t I? Yup.


[Since I’m already thinking about it, I should ask everyone.]


Having decided that, I went to hang the meat in the preservation room.


I can hear footsteps from behind the door leading towards the basement. These footsteps are Alf’s. The lock clicks open, and as his indigo blue hair sways, the good-looking man steps inside.


[Rei, I’m home.]


As though he’s happy to see me, he walked up to me with large strides and hugged me tightly. I also hugged his back in return.


[Welcome home, Alf. You came back early today.]

[It’s because the urgent matters have mostly been finished, I also got 3 days vacation.]

[Oh, that’s great then! You can relax after a long time.]



Even though he’s tired, Alf still smiled refreshingly. In order to have Alf quickly rest, I pushed his back to the chair in front of the dining table.


[Sit, I’ll make dinner soon.]

[Is that so, well then I’ll leave it to you.]


Because I didn’t expect Alf to come home this early, I started cooking in a hurry.

You’re asking if we’re not going to eat that smoked meat? Since there’s a chance, I was thinking of eating it on that special day.


That’s right, I’ve thought of it. Won’t it be fun if I have a picnic with the 4 of them?

So if I make something like a sandwich, bring it with us, and eat it, it will probably taste the best.


As I was preparing simple Western dishes like vegetable soup and sauteed bird meat, and boiled potatoes, another set of footsteps could be heard from the basement.


The one who appears after the door clicks open is a blond and gorgeous Elf. While blinking his jewel-like beautiful emerald eyes, he looked in Alf’s direction.


[Huh, Alf, you’re home? That’s rare, for you to be back at this time.]

[Ciel, it’s been a while. Has your research been settled for the time being?]

[Somewhat. It would take some time before I can proceed further on my research, so I planned to relax while I’m at it.]


Wearing a white robe, Ciel peeked at what I was cooking from behind me while talking open-heartedly with Alf, who was in a knight’s uniform.


[Rei, sorry for the suddenness but can you make a portion for me, too?]

[Of course. You sit down, too, Ciel.]

[Thank you… That, I’d be grateful if you could make my portion of soup a bit larger and the chicken smaller.]

[No problem, rather, I was already planning on doing that even if you didn’t tell me.]


Ciel smiled happily when he heard my words and quietly took a seat. Just like that, while having the two’s quietly conversing voices as my BGM, I stirred the gently boiling soup.