Four Ikemen Ciel’s POV

Idle Talk: Ciel’s Feelings



Ciel is a complicated person compared to the others, so I tried to supplement his character.

Even if you don’t read this, the story will still connect. There’s a possibility that his image might be destroyed so those who don’t like it, please fly away.


The first time I met with the little kid was when I went to buy my favorite bread.


While Aleph was teaching the newbies, I would either spend my time studying magic or caring for my bow.


I used to go together with them to subjugate monsters and the likes at first, but it’s too troublesome caring for them gently, there were also those who fell in love with Aleph who looked at me as if I were an obstruction, and to the newbies who only looked at my outer appearance and sent me amorous glances, my motivation which was originally non-existent shrunk very quickly and disappeared.


In the first place, it’s not that I did it because I wanted to.

That’s why I only cast auxiliary magic to Aleph who is doing such an unprofitable job for the newcomers to send him off, and I enjoy my freedom.


Today, I’m out to buy my favorite bread. I look over at the familiar store.


There’s a child in the store.

I got unusually interested in the child with an unknown gender who has black hair and black eyes uncommon around this area, covered with an unremarkable gray cloak.


From the looks of their robe and age, I expect that they’re a customer that I don’t like to deal with but for some reason, I can’t get myself to look away.


The child’s big and round eyes move around, his sparkling eyes giving a feeling as if everything is refreshingly new.

Seeing their well-balanced appearance gives off an impression of beauty.


I suddenly noticed myself following the child’s every move with my eyes and I laughed at myself.

Today is my break after a long time and my time is limited. This isn’t the time to be distracted by an unknown kid.


I force myself to look away and move in order to purchase my objective.


[One of these please.]

[Please wrap this up.]


Our ordering voices overlapped.

When I looked down, the child from before was looking at me with his round eyes.


His glossy black hair flows straight down and it looks like it will feel silky once you stroke it.


The moment the child looked straight, the height of his line of sight was about as tall as my shoulder. 


[Do you also like wild grapes*?] (TN: I wrote “mountain grapes” for this before.)

[Are you talking about the filling of this bread? I haven’t eaten it before but I thought it looked delicious.]


For me who is the fussiest when it comes to fruits, this is the only bread I acknowledge in this town. Thinking that this child might have the same taste with me, I became happy.


[I recommend it. My name is Ciel, an adventurer. You are?]

[I’m Rei. I’m also an adventurer, I just became one, though.]

[An adventurer? Could it be, a mage?]

[That’s right.]


As I thought, they’re a newcomer after all. A mage just like me, huh, a feeling of closeness redundantly welled up.

Rei, so he’s called Rei. It’s a name both men and women can have, but from our conversation, he’s a boy.


His contour draws a soft curve, his moat, pale features makes him look young.


Looking at his whole body, I thought ’Does he plan to be an adventurer with such lightweight equipment?’, and got worried as if I got possessed by Aleph.

I ask him a question regarding safety to settle myself.


[You don’t have a staff?]

[Not yet.]

[Do you use other weapons?]


[Any plans on joining a party?]



The result was a set of rejections. At this rate, this child will fall prey to either monsters or unpleasant fellows.


Even though I understood it, the meddlesome Aleph* has already disappeared and my usual face has reappeared. (TN: the “possession”)

I give the pathetically reckless beginner a cold attitude.


[Is that so. It’s better not to get ahead of yourself just because you can use a little bit of magic. Once you get careless and miss your step, you will get trapped and be exposed to death.] 


I leave the shop without hearing his reply.

I wonder why I’m this irritated. If only that child was smarter, I won’t be this disappointed.

If only he was more cautious, not conceited, and has an honest personality.


I shook my head and chased my thoughts away. I just knew him after our brief encounter and got interested, I selfishly had some expectations, and then selfishly got disappointed, that’s all.


Instead of thinking about the things which have already passed, let’s think about the magic experiment today.


It would be later on when I notice that my old foolish and reckless self which I hated overlapped with him.


Even though I thought we won’t ever meet again after that meeting. It’s unknown what happens in life.


The circumstances kept changing before I could grasp the situation, and by the time everything was settled, it’s been decided that he and I would travel together.


Within my understanding of the situation, he’s being possessed by the Demon King and he plans to go to the Holy City to exorcise him, Aleph fell in love with him and offered to accompany him there.


Aleph is quite an introverted person to an unbelievable level and so insensitive that he does not notice just how much a lot of the beginners pour hot gazes at him.


Aleph is normally isolated from love affairs to the point it made me think that if he lets this pass, Aleph’s spring will no longer arrive. Even though he’s such a good-looking man.


For such a dense man’s heart to be stolen by an inexperienced kid, just what kinds of complications had happened? I’m deeply curious.


It’s just that, it’s not as if I did not understand what it felt to be attracted to this child called Rei.

I’ve also, from the start, felt a closeness that I’ve never experienced before.


For my precious partner who has saved me from danger many times, I stopped delving into that feeling.


I ended up seeing something terrible. Oh my goodness.


I didn’t talk to the child more than necessary during the trip, and it hit me hard.

‘If I do it like this, I feel reassured that there’s no chance you will fall for me.’

Moreover, Aleph can designate himself as his knight in shining armor.


That’s right, that child for me, is simply a little kid. A person who treats the Kiddo like a child, he can’t treat him as a love interest. Isn’t that right?


Making such excuses, which was as if I had been walking across the thin ice that I shouldn’t get in, I was quietly watching over them gradually being in a more relaxed atmosphere. And it was one of those days when I was dealing with our travel schedule.


Little Kiddo’s door is open. ‘How careless’, I got angry. 


The day prior to reaching Linda Town, Little Kiddo was doing his best in his own way but, with his endurance like that of a child, he reached his limit.

And so today, he made a mistake of sleeping while leaving his door open.


That’s why it would have been better to leave watch-keeping to Aleph and me, he’s so idiotic.


I cursed him for being stupid, but thinking how much I liked his clumsy and hard-working attitude, (I couldn’t help but smile) and had to pull down the corner of my mouth with a finger to stop it from going up as I approached the door.


The child who I thought was sleeping was awake. No, he was just about to get up.

The Demon is manifesting and sending the kiddo a sticky look.


It became unpleasant for some reason. I could feel the tension in the air.