Four Ikemen Chapter 9

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts
Chapter 9: Kami-sama’s Inconvenient Blessing

TN: God changed to Kami-sama; God Julias changed to Yulias-shin

When I noticed it, it’s already morning. Hm? Since when did I fall asleep… I remember what happened last night and jumped.


[Dy!? Where are you!?]


When I look around in a fluster, I can’t see Dy’s figure anywhere.


[A dream…?]


Even when I look at my status, it hasn’t decreased. My belly isn’t wet and I’m still wearing my clothes as if nothing really happened.




The area near my collarbone has become red. There’s a kiss mark on the place Dy bit me.




Because of the kiss mark, I remember my foolishness and rolled over the bed.

I resisted fruitlessly, and in the end, I got drained. Although he stopped halfway last night, I’m scared for the future.

My chastity is about to be blown out in the wind like a lamp, what do I do?


I was sitting at the edge of the bed with the wall behind my back as I worried endlessly, but no matter how long I stay like this nothing will be solved so it can’t be helped.

I sluggishly arranged my clothes and went down to the first floor.


[Good morning, Rei-san! You were taking your time today, are you resting?]

[Good morning, Poppy. Yup, something like that. I got pretty tired because of yesterday.]

[It was your first job, after all, good job! Breakfast is ready so please take a seat first.]


It’s not because of fatigue, though. I ate my breakfast without saying anything unnecessary.

Today is black bread, steamed river fish with sour sauce, and a brilliant orange salad. The tastes of the ingredients are materialized and it’s delicious. I receive my lunch and think of today’s schedule.


I want to take a quest, but I decided to go to church first. I want the bangle to be removed it possible, and I want to consult about Alf and the others.


It’s weird because even though I was also popular among men back on Earth, but it’s just my third day in this world and the encounter rate is too high.

‘I wasn’t unnecessarily blessed with something like a special pheromone constitution, right?’ or so I can’t help but think.


The church was a little beyond the center of the city. It’s quieter than the main streets and shopping arcades near the town gate.


As I passed through the white door, I saw an altar and a stone statue inside.

The image of the statue looks exactly like Yulias-shin who I met before. He didn’t have such a charming expression before, though.

I can apparently sit wherever I want. I chose to sit in the last row at the back.


Let’s see~ what am I supposed to do? A person diagonally in front of me holds his hands and makes signs and prays, so I try to imitate looking at it.

Kami-sama, Kami-sama, please respond if you can hear me.


[You called?]


Ooh, it connected. I hear a voice in my head.


[Didn’t you just arrive in this world, what’s wrong? Are you homesick?]


No, that’s not it. And I also don’t have time to be homesick.

I explained to Him the past occurrences.


[You sure are popular.]


I’m not happy at all. Why have I turned into a walking Ikemen magnet?

I can only hear his voice, but I understood that Yulias-shin was scratching his head.


[Aah, that. You see, humans with a lot of magic power are extremely attractive to other people and monsters. Among them, the aggressive people with high magical susceptibility are probably going to attack immediately.]


Can’t you do something about this?


[If it’s just reducing your magic power, I wouldn’t have bothered to transfer you from earth in the first place.] (TN: Since he’s transferred worlds because he has too much MP.)


So you have nothing, uwaa how hateful.

I thought it would be nice if I could travel around, but if situations like that keep happening then I won’t be able to relax.


[I think those four men aren’t bad. The people in this world don’t care even if you have multiple partners, and won’t they be good insect repellents if you bring them along?]


Eh, first time I’ve heard of this. Polygyny? Polyandry? (TN: Both polygamy; male and female.)

Either way, I have no plans on choosing a man at all. If I get eaten by those insect repellents, aren’t I just getting my priorities wrong?


[If you don’t like it then become stronger than anybody else.]


I have no other choice. The problem will be how I’ll be able to escape, but I have to do it.

Also, I have a demon’s bangle where a demon comes out and it troubles me, can you take it off?


[….Things have become interesting, huh. There are a lot of things that I want to remove, but aren’t I Kami(God)? After you got on the ground, it’s basically a no-touch so all I can give you are advice. Don’t worry about it*.] (TN: * He says: “Donmai”)


Seriously? I’m stumped.


[Well, as long as you’re possessed by him, you probably won’t be eaten by those small fry monsters over there. You can just treat him as a bodyguard and supply him with magic power.]


Are there any other methods to supply magic power?


[It’s less efficient than taking blood, sweat, saliva, sperm, and other body fluids, but just wearing the bangle will also work. Increasing the surface area touched by hugging is more effective. If you let him hug you for the whole day, it should be able to gather the needed amount.]


I’ll be troubled if he’s stuck on me the whole day. Does it mean I can only give up and accept it?

I sighed. Since it was a pretty deep sigh, Yulias-shin came up with this suggestion.


[Yosh, just for you, I will give you a special blessing.]


Is that alright? Didn’t you say it’s a violation of the rules?


[That’s why it’s only this one time. Hurry, close your eyes.]


I closed my eyes as I was told, then I felt something wrapping my body and something warm entered inside me.

So this is a blessing.


[I made it so that there won’t be any resistance and pain when you do it with a fellow man.]


…Ha? What did you say?

I feel like my ears are playing tricks on me.


[ Also, I gave you a blessing so down there won’t rip, a blessing so you will feel good from behind, and since it might be difficult for you to live in this world with your clean morals so I will bless you so you’ll be able to live a little comfortably. It’s just this once so it’s a one-time special service.] (TN: Good job, Kami-sama!)




[Huh, you don’t like it? It will definitely come in handy, though? … Well, it’s not like I can take it back either, live well.]


Wait, what do you mean you can’t take it back? Oi, are you listening to me!?


After that, no matter how many times I call out, Yulias-shin never responded.