Four Ikemen Chapter 84

Well, it might be true that he has recovered up to the standard status of a top-notch adventurer, but still.


[Don’t you usually take more?]

[That’s true but…]


I can somewhat understand Dy’s vague response. This guy is still hiding something, isn’t he?


When I intently stared at him with half-closed eyes, Dy raised his hands as if to surrender.


[Uhh, I didn’t tell you because you might get mad. The truth is that even if I don’t  lick or bite you, magic power will accumulate overtime.]

[I knew about that.]

[Wha~t? You did??]

[Magic power will accumulate just by being in contact with me, right? If we stick with each other all day then it will accumulate until it’s fully recovered, that’s what Kami-sama said… oh.] 


In other words, even though a bunch of erotic stuff was done to me by this guy every time he used magic, does it mean that he would have been completely fine even if I refused him!?


I was under the impression that I had to fill up his HP/MP completely, and it’s not like I will use up all my mana after, after all.


He won’t go hungry at all even if I leave him alone, and it will accumulate as the days pass.

If there was less consumption than ingestion and there are no impediments to escorting or moving, then there was no need for me back then to tolerate all those things.


[Uwaah, I didn’t notice.]

[Rei is adorable and your magic power is also delicious, there are also no inconveniences in taking a lot of it, so I just unintentionally couldn’t say it.]

[You absolutely thought about not saying anything if I didn’t find out, did you?]

[But didn’t you get used to the pleasure during that process?] (TN: When Dy’s “feeding” himself.)


Having the back of my ear stroked, I can’t help but twitch.


[Besides… it has nothing to do with magic power right now, I want to embrace you.]



My earlobe is playfully bitten and my breath stops. Uuu, I told you my ears are my weak spot, too!


[I’d like to tenderly and sweetly melt you, and give you so much pleasure you turn limp, can’t I?]

[N-, no.]


[I don’t want to always be the only one who feels good but also Dy.] 

[Rei… ugh! What a cute thing to say!]


He hugs me as if he’s overcome with emotions and strokes my hair.


[You’re right, let’s feel good together, shall we?]

[Not, not now, though, okay!]

[I know, we can’t make you go hungry, after all.]


In other words, he’s going to do it after we eat.


Uuh… But I also love everyone and I don’t hate the pleasurable stuff either, I like it instead… When it comes to showing their affection, I also strongly desire to accept it.

Hm, I should strengthen my resolve.


[Well then, let’s call everyone and go to the dining hall.]

[Eh~, let’s eat in the room. The second skinny guy from the window and the middle-aged man on the opposite seat were looking at Rei with evil eyes, you know? I’d hate it when you’re being looked at with those kinds of eyes while eating, and it will make me want to take their eyeballs out.]

[Yo-, you’re being too extreme! Don’t gauge other people’s eyeballs just for such a reason!]


If he was only saying it then I could lightly go with the flow and say, “Yes, yes, you’re being jealous, huh.”, but in Dy’s case, there was a possibility that he would really do it so I desperately stopped him.


Dy discontentedly plays with my hair.


[That’s because when I think that my adorable and darling Rei being violated by those kinds of people, even with just their eyes… Fufufu, they really deserve to die. Or should I have just killed them instead?]


And that’s why that sort of love is too heavyyy! A yandere? The type of yandere that harms others??


[I’m telling you to stop with things like that! You better not lynch those people who gave me aphr*d*siac or something once we return to the castle.]

[Aah, those people must be punished, too.]

[Gaah! You should listen to what I say for a little bit at least if you’re going to be mine!]

[What~, it can’t be helped. Well then, I will give it up this time.]


Even though he sighed in an extremely helpless manner, it’s not that I’m wrong, right? 


Since I’ve lost my desire to go downstairs due to dissatisfaction, everyone gathered inside the room and leisurely ate.


[Here, Rei, ahh.]

[Only Diremolo doing it is unfair, I wanna do it, too.]

[I can’t eat all that at once.]

[Ciel, Diremolo, can’t you see that Rei is troubled?]

[Like the lovely picture of a parent bird looking after its baby bird. If you want to eat some meat, I can share some with as well?]


Hmm, result-wise, I guess this side should have calmed down instead.


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