Four Ikemen Chapter 84

84 Solo Act in the Inn


To not make a scene, we got off from the griffon a short distance away from the town and walked while being illuminated by the setting sun.


Centering on Ciel and Dy, with Ragna joining in, they’re talking about magic stones.


[Doesn’t that mean that the magic conversion efficacy is bad?]

[That’s how you’d think, right? However, if you rewrite and fix the threshold…]

[Ohh, it has become easier to use.] 

[You can do something like that!? Amazing, if that’s how it is then the efficiency will be much better.]


I have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Aleph and I looked at each other. 


[Aleph, can you understand?]

[I comprehended that the magic stones* were originally used to control monsters, but aside from that, nothing. I am not a researcher.]

[What is it? If Akkun is also interested, I can thoroughly and attentively teach you, you know?]


Dy did not playfully smirk as he used to and normally talked to Aleph. 

Aleph also stiffly replied without any animosity.


[No, I’d like to refrain myself.]

[I also tried to teach Aleph a few times, but it seems he’s weak with theories even though he’s strong with putting things to practice, so once I start explaining, he’ll disappear before I know it.]


Although Ciel sighs in disappointment, to be honest, because it is also incomprehensible to me once they talk about theories, I understand the desire to run away.


[If it can be used in our daily lives then there shouldn’t be any problems, right, Rei?] 

[Yup, I’m completely ignorant about theories and stuff but since we can use it, it’s fine.]

[Really? If you would like to know, I can take the utmost care and attention to show you with my hands, legs, and hips, you know?​]

[No, I’ll also decline.]


Dy, so when it comes to me, you would show me with your hips? It gives me nothing but bad feelings so I’d rather not.


While amicably fussing around as we’ve never done before, we choose tonight’s inn.


The entire inn worked up a clamor at the party full of beautiful people, but we ignored them and asked for 3 rooms.​


Eyes follow us even while going up the stairs, and I realize that we are standing out a lot.


I wondered why and something different came into my mind. It is because Dy is showing himself.


Aleph is an orthodox handsome guy, but he’s unexpectedly good at slipping into the crowd.

Since he was living while running away from the castle, it might be a remnant of those times. His hair color is also indigo blue so even that doesn’t stand out.


Ciel is also an eye-catching beauty, but because he’s so aloof on the outside, he doesn’t get that much attention either.

He will also glare back if he’s being stared at. A beauty’s absolute-zero gaze is effective, after all.


Ragna has a huge body and he also stands out because he looks manly, but he has an imposing air around him that makes weak-willed people unable to call out to him.

Even if there are those who intermittently check on him, he was never stared at. 


Compared to that, Dy has a smiling friendly face on default and it is hard to keep your eyes away from his charmingly beautiful face.

I believe that he’s the most indifferent inside but even that has disappeared ever since it seems he also quit his hidden rule and his mood is gentle. It could be that it will be like this every time he shows himself.


After this, it might be better to have him go inside the bangle to avoid attracting attention.


Now then, about the assignment of rooms, it has been decided that I take the biggest room as always.

That’s because someone other than me almost always crawls into my bed to sleep with me or… well, to do that to me.


Dy doesn’t have enough magic power either, and everyone also took a rest before arriving at the inn which means it’s going to be about that, isn’t it… 


Will my endurance last? And will I be able to take their affectionate expressions which have become more heated for some reason… I’m not very confident about it.


[Rei, are you thinking about something?]


While the others were putting their luggage in their rooms, Dy who was being carefree asked me.


[Dy, you’re still magic power deficient, right?]

[I have enough, though?]



Nono, there’s no way that’s… I take a look at the Demon’s status.


Diremolo Zohana Rada Hyerk

Demon (Possession State)

872 years old

Lv 268

HP 4007/13956

MP 2294/26459


[Nono, that’s totally insufficient.]

[No problem at all, I can protect you properly as long as I have this much.]