Four Ikemen Chapter 83

Dy rubs cheeks with me upon saying so. ‘Treating me as a pet like usual?’ Or so I thought for a moment, but his gaze is unmistakably filled with love.

Seeing that situation, Aleph seems to have changed his mind, albeit cautiously.

[Fine. I will be your so-called friend.]
[Yey! Please treat me well, Akkun.]
[Did you say, Akkun…!?]

Being called in such a friendly manner that he’s never heard before, Alf is shocked solid.

It may sound normal when I listen to it, but in this world, it apparently sounds like a weird nickname and Alf showed the same strong reaction against it.

[Please stop with that weird name immediately.]
[That appears to be Diremolo’s unique expression of affection. I also told him countless times to stop but he wouldn’t listen.]
[You don’t have hate it that much, Akkun.]
[Uugh, stop it! You’re making my skin crawl!]

All in all, The atmosphere looks happy. I was finally placed down and watched over the peaceful argument a little distance away.

[It seems everything has finally settled in place.]

Ragna calmly approaches and calls me.

[Thank you. Because of Ragna telling me, things moved forward without Dy dying.]
[That was Godsent. The Demon was also being uncooperative after all, my guts grew cold once I thought that he wouldn’t make it.]

The Dragonian spoke as if he had anticipated it and heavily placed his arm on my shoulder.

[But well, there is a saying that all’s well that ends well, hahhahha.]

You look so carefree but you’re attentive to small details, huh. Doing something like that without hesitation, neither boasting about it nor putting on airs, you’re really manly. I think I’m falling in love again.

[Hm? Why are you looking at me with such eyes? Are you seducing me? I will welcome it anytime, you know?]
[I, I’m not seducing you.]
[Really? I’m thinking about how I want you, though.]

Being pierced by those golden eyes, my face flushes on its own. Ragna’s expression of love is the same as his hair color, as ardent as flames.

As I was getting overwhelmed by the sudden night invitation, Dy called out.

[Ra! Why don’t you also say something? You don’t mind, do you?]

Ragna, who was given such Sun God-like* nickname, cooly responded with a nod.(TN: Ra or Re is the ancient Egyptian deity of the sun. – Wikipedia)

[Umu, anything is fine as long as it’s easy to understand.]

[Look! Shii-chan and Akkun just worry too much. Moreover, those who I call directly by their name or nickname* and have lower magic power than me, you guys will turn into my puppets.] (TN: He meant their REAL nickname.)
[If you have that kind of reason then please say so earlier!!]

The sun has already considerably sunk, and since the sun might completely set if we continue to play around here, it was decided that Dy would once again summon the griffon to travel to the nearest city.