Four Ikemen Chapter 83

83 Reconciliation and Concession

I was so embarrassed moving towards the side of the lake while being carried that I wanted to be let down on the way.

[Uh, I can walk, so]
[Rei wants to walk? But I want to tightly hold you close like this in my arms, my love.]

At any rate, if he was teasing me like he had done up till now, it would be fine, but he’s proclaiming his true feelings through heartfelt affection. Under these circumstances, I don’t know what to do.

What is wrong with this tension? I’m so embarrassed that I can’t look straight at his face so please stop it.

[For some reason, hasn’t your character changed?]
[It hasn’t changed, you know? I’m simply not hiding my feelings of love for you.]

Uhh, is that so?
When I looked up, he was looking at me with a lustrous smile that‘s a hundred times more lovely.

Un, it’s embarrassing. Let’s give up on getting down and just let him be.

When we arrived near the cabin, Ciel worriedly rushed over.

[Diremolo! Is your body alright? What about your magic power?]
[It’s alright, Shii-chan. I got it from Rei after all.]

Ciel seemed to confirm from Dy’s and my appearance that we have reconciled and with a ‘haah’, he let out a sigh of relief.

[Seriously… Please don’t make me worry.]
[You were worried?]
[Of course, isn’t Diremolo my comrade and friend?]

Dy narrowed his eyes as if he’s looking at something extremely bright.

[What is it?]
[… Nothing. So I was Shii-chan’s friend, I’m honored.]
[That is what I thought, though? Also, stop with the ‘Shii-chan’ already.]
[This is the sign of friendship for me so I will not listen to that request.]

When they noisily quarreled, Alf also came out of the cabin and stepped up.

[Rei, you’re back.]

Alf focused on Dy with a seemingly stiff expression.

[It appears the Demon King is also safe.
[All thanks to Rei, that is. By the way, Swordsman-kun, won’t you be my friend?]

Alf blinks his eyes towards the sudden proposal and looked at the Demon suspiciously.

[What are you plotting this time?]
[It’s so mean of you to say that. I was just thinking that I want to get along well with you who mutually love the adorable, dear, and precious Rei.]