Four Ikemen Chapter 82

Successfully winning over the Swordsman, Elf, and the Lizard, I’ve had a great time ever since.

Being with Rei was fun, and instead of the other extras rubbing me the wrong way, they were being cautious towards me.

The Lizard came to probe me once, but I dodged him with an impregnable smile.
Just what will become of it if I say that I love Rei now? Rei should hate me by now.

The charmingly drowsy Rei was so adorable that I was not able to stop myself from embracing him until his consciousness flew even though he disliked it, and the ancient magic was too cruel that he was drawn back*. (TN: * when he used that ancient magic during their fight against a lot of monsters.)
I am aware that Rei’s treatment of me is rough compared to everyone else.

Of‌ ‌course, it’s the result of my treatment towards him, but that’s exactly why it’s foolish to confess to him now.

In addition, I was excessively absorbing Rei’s magic power and was hiding that I was sending it to my younger brother.

I don’t think that I, who am thoroughly stained with blood, can accept Rei’s confession

Even with just what we have now, I’m already quite happy.

A war, he said? Impossible. The border area uses the highly-dense magic power flowing from the Zohana Lake to increase the number of monsters, and though it’s not much, it’s not a place where troops can pass.

An accident has surely happened to Rio.

I want to go and check on Rio, but I don’t want him to be known.
As a compromise, in order to interrogate a person who might know the cause, I decided to go to the leader who waged the war.
Fortunately, Rei and the others seemed to also plan to stop the war and persuaded Alfred.

Blood somehow completely rushed to my head and I unconsciously end up talking to Alfred in a seemingly sarcastic manner.

The truth was that I wanted to go directly to the Zohana Lake without making such a detour.

But since I couldn’t get far away from my real body which was my real body, I planned to make Rei unconscious and go to Rio at first.

I didn’t really want to do it because if I were to do such a thing, the already little trust they have would drop below where even a chance of recovering will be lost.

I didn’t want to destroy this current comfortable mood.

While hurrying without composure, even though I was being conscious not to put Rei in danger, I was put into a state that made me unable to guard him by that

I knew that Shieltzwarm** was coming during that time with the pale slime* so I didn’t panic, but this time, my magic power is being disturbed and I can’t even grasp what’s happening around me. (TN: ** – Ciel’s first name. * – as you know, it’s the only slime we’ve known.)
My worry didn’t come true, it seemed that Ragna came and we managed to escape our predicament.
It was great that Rei didn’t get hurt, as I thought, I’m so glad they were drawn in.

If it’s Ragna and the others, they probably won’t allow Rei to get hurt so I can leave him to them without worries.

However, seeing how he loved Rei to get rid of the aphr*d*siac’s effect, I became jealous of Alfred.

Alfred often whispers his love for Rei. Even I want to say it, too. But I can’t let Rei be bothered after I say it so I don’t.

The reason why I only kept making fun of Alfred might be because I’m envious.
Being that straightforward in conveying his love, and being loved back by Rei… How nice.

I can’t lament even if I regret it. That it’s already too late.

Even though I’ve had a bad feeling ever since from the very beginning, I ended up coming here without being able to do anything.

In the end, if it’s already been set that we’re going to where Rio is, I should have revealed him from the start.

I will revive Rio, I won’t let anybody get in the way, I won’t let them say that no matter what I do is useless.

I didn’t want people to point out the truth that I didn’t want to accept so I hid it at all cost, but it meant nothing.

I had been living in order to meet Rio again.
To be precise, it is to atone to Rio.

That day that the kingdom fell, I was convinced that the magic would activate properly without any doubt.

Rio was worried, asking ‘Would it really go well?’ repeatedly, but I was prideful and did not try to stop.

Admired as the heavenly Twin Kings with unparalleled magical powers, I was full of myself thinking that I can do anything.
Moreover, I wanted to fulfill Rio’s gentle wish.
Making it a warless, peaceful world, such a dream’s tale where a wish was turned true, I also wanted to see it.

The result was gruesome. Far from being peaceful, a major spontaneous discharge occurred and involved even the citizens that we needed to protect.
My body was blown off after suffering the blast of the highly-dense magic power, Rio in reverse gathered too much magic power that his soul’s vessel shut down.

Thinking of atoning for things, I have been controlling the monsters at the border area to prevent wars from happening, but if Rio disappears then there’s no meaning to doing it anymore.

So everything I’ve done was useless. Just like this, I will quietly disappear.

Although that’s what I was thinking.
Rei, you tell me to live.

[Once you, are gone then it’s obvious that I will cry! Even if you insist that you’re using me, I at least know that you like me! Hic… Even I understand how my loved one is feeling.]

Moreover, unbelievably, he says that he loves me on top of the things he learned about me.

Even though I no longer planned on receiving his magic power, my hands naturally move and hug Rei’s waist.

[I wonder why, even though I think that I don’t need your magic power anymore… Right now, I unbearably want to touch you.]

As my voice disgracefully trembled, I remembered Rio’s last words.

{Nii-san, thank you. Be happy.}

Rio, for the likes of me, you wish for the happiness of someone like me who ended up killing you.

I’m sorry for using magic without listening to you back then.
For artificially keeping you alive, for not finding the method of bringing you back to life, I’m so sorry for having been unable to do anything.

If you tell someone like me to live, then.

I will live for Rei, who revived and accepted me.

[Hey, Rei, let me be yours. I want to love you, be devoted to you, and for you to be my reason for living.]

Will you give me the privilege to love you?
Ever since a long time ago, I have always wanted to treasure and love you.

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