Four Ikemen Chapter 82

82 Dy’s Inner Thoughts


There was only me and my little brother in my world, no one else.

Ever since Rio slept for a very long time, I traveled amongst the people looking for a parasitic host.

I melted the arms of those whose magic power didn’t match with mine, I made those that did match live longer to exploit them as much as I could and extracted their magic power little by little.

Without the fulfilling appearance of a host who has the four attributes of Fire, Wind, Earth, and Darkness, my magic power intake was inefficient and my hunger was never appeased.

Rio might wake up with the influence of my magic power, and though I know that that chance is almost non-existent, I continued to send my scarce magic power into my little brother with that wish.

Exceeding the limit of my hunger, I killed my host and consumed his magic power with his life force and then moved on to the next prey.

Simply hoping for Rio to awaken, I somehow extended his life by sacrificing others for many years.
And on that day, I met Rei.

The moment Rei took the me who was dozing off inside the bangle in his hands, a pleasant magic power flowed in.

It is a gentle and powerful magic power unlike any others as it smoothly penetrates inside my body.

Engrossed, I guided Rei and succeeded in placing the bangle around his arm.

It’s useless even if you try to take it off, I will absolutely never let you.

That night, I materialized and gazed at my host’s face.

Even though the amount of magic power flowing into me can cause an ordinary Human child to dry up completely, there were no signs of suffering nor were there any signs of his condition worsening, he’s totally fast asleep.

In the first place, as long as I don’t suck the magic power from the mucous membrane, it shouldn’t flow in so much.
The possible reason, although it’s unbelievable, is probably that he has more magic power than me.

I intently observe him with great curiosity.
The young, small, and innocent sleeping appearance of the child has a very adorable face when I took a closer look at it.
H~m, his face may be to my taste.

Suddenly, I felt mischievous and nibbled his ear.
Passing through the mucous membrane in my mouth, sweet magic power pours in.
As I get absorbed in savoring the sweetness, the child languidly groaned.

The child who has glossy black hair like me and beautiful obsidian pupils opens his eyes and raised a disarrayed scream.

It was so cute and comical, I wondered, it seemed that I was interested in this child.

If he has this much magic power then I wonder if he will be fine even if I call his name. When I thought that he might not lose his consciousness, it made me want to try it.

I uttered the name that I heard he was called in front of the inn earlier.


Rei’s spine shuddered for a moment, and then he stared at me with intelligent eyes.
Ohh, indeed!
Will anyone else understand the happiness I’m feeling at this moment?

After becoming the so-called Demon Race, it appeared that magic power would be embedded in my voice no matter what, and when I call a name, as if taming a monster, I would end up controlling those who have lower magic power than me.

It seems that that doesn’t work on this child. No matter how many times I call his name, Rei doesn’t lose his consciousness like a puppet.

The only names I can call directly are Rei, Rio, and our father who passed away a long time ago.

I will never lose this child, it was the moment that I vowed to protect him.

My world became me, Rio, and Rei, and no one else.

Suitors attracted by Rei’s magic power gathered like bugs. I rethink chasing them away.

Nothing is absolute, no matter how strong Rei turns out, even if I’m being watchful, there is always a possibility of him being taken from me.

If so, in order to lower that chance even a little, isn’t it fine to just use them?

Once I decided, I acted quickly. In order to prevent Rei from liking me, I talked as if I didn’t have any feelings for him, I treated him as if he’s my treasured pet, I acted as if to avert his attention to his surroundings.

Even though magic power still poured in just by sticking on his arm and I didn’t starve, I also intentionally absorbed it through my mouth to get the unwilling Rei used to it.

Honestly, I wanted to do just that.

Even though I poured in the magic power I got from Rei which couldn’t be compared to anyone else’s until now into his body, Rio didn’t wake up.
I understood that it was useless halfway through.

Nevertheless, of course, there was also because it was delicious, but the reason why I was taking magic power was that I simply wanted to do so.
I will never say that even if my mouth gets torn, though.