Four Ikemen Chapter 80

Ciel tucks his golden curls behind his long ears and diagonally looked up as if remembering.


[When I made the necklace I gave you, I advised you. I said that since Rei doesn’t have any self-awareness, you need to be able to know when you’re in danger more easily. That’s why I made a better item but… The Diremolo at that time had gentle eyes.]


Ciel imitates Dy’s voice while smiling playfully.

Have no self-awareness, he said… But, I guess? Yeah, although I’m unwilling, it can’t be helped.


[Diremolo also probably didn’t want you to notice both his situation and his feelings either, and should have been satisfied with that situation. That’s why there’s no need for you to worry too much about it, alright?]


Even I know that much, is what the triumphant look on his face is displaying.

Even though a self-satisfied expression should be very irritating, it looks really cute when Ciel does it for some reason that it’s strange.


[Yeah, you’re right. Thanks.]

[It’s not something Rei should be saying thanks for.]


One question was finished, and this time, another thing came to mind.


[Speaking of which, I heard that that necklace is a proof of marriage? Such an important thing, why did you give it to me without saying anything?]


Towards my objection, Ciel blushed and stiffened.


[The, that’s… Uh, you, who came from another world, probably don’t know about the Elves’ conventional practice, and I only gave it for my own self-satisfaction, so I thought there is no problem if you only know about the necklace’s effect.]

[I have a big problem with it! Say it! I will still treasure it even if I didn’t know since I got it from you, but I will let you know that I, too, would have gotten even happier if I knew.]


Ciel has downcast eyes as if he doesn’t know where to put himself.


[My behavior after I got bound with you, you remember, right? I was in very high spirits and even got jealous… I simply couldn’t keep my feelings for you under control. If you knew of it’s meaning on top of accepting it, it felt as if I would get fervent like that gain.]


Ciel pulled my body in and embraced me in his arms.


[Even though I also enjoy our current situation… I will want you for myself alone. I won’t be able to hold back my love for you.]


An ardent sigh falls on my ear and my heart skips a beat. As my heartbeat  beats loudly, I also put my arms around Ciel’s back.


[Do you think that you only want me for yourself?]


Getting a very passionate love confession, I also spoke while blushing.


[It’s not that I don’t like Aleph and the others… From time to time is fine, I want a time where it’s just the two of us alone. In that time alone, I want you to think only of me.]


Ciel appeals with his face still laying his face down on my shoulder.


[It’s because I felt that I wouldn’t be able to suppress myself just like this that I couldn’t say it, geez.]


Is it because he’s nervous? His long ears are twitching and it’s hitting my face. I intentionally proposed cheerfully to him.


[Well then, Ciel, let’s go on a date next time.] (TN: Date is said in English here.)


[We go out with just the two of us. We’re going do things like walk around the city, go to places with beautiful sceneries, and eat delicious foods together. If it’s with Ciel, going to the cafe might also be good, let’s eat sweets together! It’s a promise, okay!]


Ciel released my body, and kissed the tip of my nose in an impatient state that he spoke of.


[Yes, let’s promise.]


While giving bird kisses to my cheeks, forehead, and eyelids consecutively, he also gives my lips peck-like kisses numerous times.

After that, like a flower blooming, he showed and extremely beautiful smile.


[Rei, I love you. Please let me start over again.]


Ciel removed my necklace,

and put it up in front of me.


[I want to propose marriage to you. Even if our races are different and we have different life spans, the love we have for each other is eternal. Isn’t that right?]

[Yes, I love you, too, Ciel.]


While happily blushing, Ciel put on the necklace on my neck again. The green stone that has the same color as Ciel’s eyes sparkles.


[I’m so happy… Feeling this good, what will I do if I become too excited again?]

[Isn’t it fine? The Ciel who is so happy his eyes sparkle and also the jealous Ciel, both look so cute I love them.

[The cute one is you!]


After that, Aleph and Ragna returned while we were having a very hard dispute with each other about who is cuter, and whoever is cuter than whom became undecided.


Ciel is definitely cuter than me, okay!


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