Four Ikemen Chapter 80

80 The Truth About the Downfall and Ciel’s Jealousy


[It hath been two hundred years since our beloved homeland perished. May my lords, O the twin Kings, pardon my dying and departing from thee… uh, cla… no, it reads, kindred clans? …also have wiped out. And finally, our collaborators’… Augh, I can’t read. Each wording is too complicated.]

[You can skip through the parts you can’t read, we can guess the details later as long as we understand the outline.]


I went to the small room in the basement with Ciel and was working to decipher the documents.


The ancient writing which contained obsolete and solemn words were hard to read freely, but combining both our strengths make it easier to decipher it.


If I compare the dates, it appears the Daebuldoir Kingdom was destroyed some time 250 years ago.


Daebuldoir  was an ancient kingdom that lasted over a thousand years. It’s Founder King lived a very long life from the vastness of his magic power and the Twin Kings that came after him were the only ones that inherited this magic power.


It was written that the Twin Kings turned to a forbidden ancient magic in order to appease the domestic conflict at that time and the country collapsed overnight.


The Royal Capital sank in the lake, the older King lost his body, and the younger King lost his soul.


The citizens, with the survival of merely about a hundred people who possessed demon stones that contain high magic power on their bodies, seem to have been annihilated later on.


Those people are currently being called the Demon Race. It appears they were originally humans with very high magic powers.


By demon stone, it’s talking about the blackish red stone on my bangle.


A demon stone is a stone loaded with magic power, but it seemed they were able to live by using the demon stones as their bodies’ replacement in order to allow the soul to exist as a mass of magic power.


However, as time passed, some died because their magic power became insufficient or they got sick of living in such a manner and went to sleep in the end, and their number decreased one by one. Apparently, the author of this book also died.


This writer seemed to adore the Kings considerably, and compliments towards Dy and the others were inlaid all over.


He was worried about the King till the very end, but the lifespan of the contractor who was providing him magic power had reached its end, and it seems he himself decided to accompany him.


This person must have also gotten tired of living… It’s written that it was hard to absorb another person’s life force and live in a parasitic manner with the soul alone.


He has been taking and sending magic power in order to keep his brother’s silent body alive even after all his comrade demons had gone, protecting it away from anyone by using monsters… I never knew or even imagined such a thing at all.


Perhaps because Dy never showed such behavior at all, but would it have been better if he faced it with more seriousness… Even though I knew he was hiding something.


[I see… Adjusting a soul with a demon stone is a way of taking magic power of a monster, but it seems it works like this way, too, I suppose. There isn’t any description of monster tamer, but probably, there can be some new effect when they use magic stones as a daily routine. Also, ancient magic has unimaginable spell formulas.]


Although Ciel was busy making up hypothesis with the information he received while taking notes, he seems to have felt that I suddenly fell silent and noticed that I’m thinking about something.


[What is it? Could there be something you don’t understand?]

[No, I just wondered how Dy must have felt.]


Ciel takes his eyes off the notes in his hand and stares at me as if urging me to go ahead.

Leaning on the cool wall, I spoke about my own thoughts while holding my right arm.


[I was thinking that I really knew nothing about Dy. I would have let him talk if he wanted to, but he left it alone. He also looked like he’s having fun everyday, to think that he’s had this kind of situation, I didn’t notice. If I knew, I would have given him as much magic power as he wants.]

[Maybe Diremolo wanted to resolve it by himself? If he hid it then it’s only a given that you wouldn’t know.]

[That might be so, but you know… Isn’t it fruitless to assume that I know what he’s thinking just because he was closely stuck to me like that?]


I end up unintentionally thinking that maybe, the goodwill I felt from him was just my imagination after all.


[I can imagine what he was thinking, though.]

[Really!? Please tell me!]


If I have the impression from another person, I should be able to understand Dy’s feelings even more!


I draw closer to Ciel as if I’m going to cling to his chest and wholeheartedly stared at him while tightly furrowing my brows.


Ciel blushes. Even though he was fine when he drew his face close to mine this morning, is he hopeless if it’s me who approaches him?


[I’ve thought this before, but it’s better if you don’t look up at me that way… you are too cute that it’s dangerous… Kohon!* So, you’re asking what Diremolo is thinking?] (TN: cough/ ahem)


The bashful Elf keeps clearing his throat and starts again, grabs my shoulders, and pulled me away a little.

I couldn’t hear what he said before he coughed because his voice was too low. I wonder what he said?

Ciel continues to speak without giving me the time to ask him.


[I also felt the same as you did. Diremolo acted as if he was having fun everyday, and he actually was, that’s for sure.]

[You think? Isn’t it that he’s worrying about it in secret?]

[Even if that’s the case, it’s true that he was having fun. In addition, he also treasures you, Rei.]