Four Ikemen Chapter 79

[It’s certainly true that Dy is after my magic power, but I feel that’s not the only thing.]

The child-like expression that Dy has which tells me that he’s having fun when he’s with me, I can’t think of such an expression as a lie.
Even when he doesn’t call their names, isn’t there perhaps some kind of reason?

I quite like that guy, though. And I also don’t think that it’s just my imagination that I’m being liked back.

Alf still looked like he has something to say, but it was erased by Ragna’s calling voice.

[Are you guys not hungry? Let’s eat breakfast.]


Ciel finally gets out of bed by the time I’m about to finish cooking.

It was the usual outdoor menu with adequately well-boiled vegetable soup and meat seasoned with herbs and salt, but Ciel praised the deliciousness of the vegetable and Ragna the meat.

It makes me happy that Alf finds whatever I cook delicious.
The milk I prepared for Dy just in case didn’t make its debut.

[What are we going to do after this today?]

When I asked while relaxing after eating, Ciel suggests.

[I wasn’t able to sleep last night so I checked the underground passage a little. When I did, I found a secret room, you see.]

Ciel retrieved a worn-out binding of a book. He carefully turns over a page.

[Can somebody read it? I think it’s a language of Daebuldoir.]

Although the paper has deteriorated and the ink has faded which made it difficult to read, you could make out the motifs of horse hoofs which are different from the commonly used alphabets.

[Oh, I think I can read this.]

It seems the language cheat is also applicable to ancient languages.

[Is that true!? Rei! By all means, please read it. If we manage to decipher the documents in the small room, we may be able to find out the mysterious reason for Daebuldoir’s downfall!]
[Wai, calm down!]

Being pressed by Ciel, I shrink back. He’s too close, I can clearly see each strand of his eyelashes, and the even more sparkling emerald eyes are too beautiful to behold, but that enthusiasm is too scary so calm down for a moment.

[Fumu, then we will leave the reading of the documents to you. Alf and I will investigate the underground.]
[We came here by flying out of the castle, isn’t it better if we go back quickly?]

When Alf voiced his concern, Ragna raised an eyebrow.

[You are such a serious fellow, isn’t it fine to make a little stopover? You can’t call yourself an adventurer if you forget your adventurous spirit.]

Ragna playfully winks.
As if there’s something in his wink, I can only imagine a vision of failure if I try to do it, but if it’s Ragna who does it then he looks manly.

[Besides, the griffon we mounted on won’t appear without Diremolo, right? On top of it taking a long time to return with such a distance, isn’t it more worthwhile and pleasant to find a kind of story that will make that guy jump back to his feet?]
[…Like how we may be able to find out why the monsters are able to be tamed?]
[Don’t you want to know?]
[I will not say that I don’t care, but isn’t it just that Ragna-dono is curious?]
[Umu, you can say that.]

Alf wryly smiled at Ragna who shyly declared so.

[Got it, I will send a bird over to Westin-aniue.]
[Well then, let’s finish our training and head over to the underground.]

The conversation was settled in this way and it was decided that Ciel and I will go and decipher the ancient language while Alf and Ragna will explore the underground.