Four Ikemen Chapter 78

Duirio who has much purer eyes than Dy continued to speak arduously while furrowing his brows in pain.


[This state, is only temporary… I will soon, disappear.]

[What did you say!?]


Is it still fruitless even though Dy worked this hard!?

I shouted without thinking, but Dy was even more indignant.


[Don’t say something stupid! I will do something about it, I definitely won’t let Rio die!! Wasn’t it the same until now? That’s why, it’s also the same from now on.]

[Stop being tied to me already.]


Duirio interrupted Dy’s words as if covering over it.

Duirio is wearing a clear expression despite oozing tiredness towards Dy’s exposed shock and despair.


[I am, already dead. Even if I have a body, since my magic vessel is broken…  I can’t live. Even Nii-san, knows, right?]

[I don’t know. I don’t want to know! Such a thing, I won’t accept it!]


Even though his magic power keeps flowing out between his words, despite sending all of my tremendous magic power to him through Dy, Duirio’s body is becoming transparent like the crystal.


[Rei! Please give me all the lotion that you used just now!!]

[This is everything!]


He sprinkled over the specifically customized body lotion all at once, but Duirio’s transparency doesn’t stop.


Duirio Rada Zohana Hyerk

Demon Race (Lost Horcrux)

872 years old


HP 8/1489

MP 47/15211


A second miracle seemed unlikely to occur, so it looked as if Duirio’s body would lose its life force from the start.


[Nii-san is… Even though you’re so smart, you’re so stupid, when it comes to things like this. Fufu….]


Looking at his little brother’s expression that has accepted everything, Dy unresignedly  twisted his face in a gloomy manner.


While entrusting his powerless body to such an older brother, his composed amethyst eyes find me and curiously flickers.


[You’re, the child who is… Nii-san’s recent food provider.] (TN: I really don’t know what other words to use.)


I thought, ‘No wait, what is that way of remembering?’, but I read the atmosphere and my grumbling stops in my mind.

It appears that my complicated thoughts was showing in my face, Duirio faintly smiled.


[Ever since he’s with you, his magic power became delicious… Most importantly, Nii-san laughs a lot… I could feel it when he passed his magic power, so far… he’s been having fun, and satisfied…]


Even the weight of his body finally disappeared and he floats upwards. Dy stretched his hand towards the sky as if to stop him.


[…It looks like, Nii-san is the happiest, when he’s with you… That’s why, Rei… please be with Nii-san… It’s the last request, from… me…]


With a pure smile without even a bit of haziness, Duirio disappears into the air.


[Rio! Don’t go! Rio!]

[Nii-, sa… Tha… you,…]



At the same time as Duirio’s body’s disappearance, the little amount left of the crystal pillar fused to the world without a sound.


The short-lived fairy-tale like scenery transformed into a mere beautiful lake as if nothing happened.


I couldn’t say anything as I stare at Dy’s back. Only his name came out.




Dy allows his black hair that’s tied up together to hang in the air and expressionlessly murmured while still looking at his now empty chest.


[Sorry…. for a moment, let me rest.]


And then, he disappeared without looking back.



78 Time of Farewell 


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