Four Ikemen Chapter 78

78 (TN: At the end of the chapter.)


I run up to Dy who continues to pour his magic power while oozing with sweat.


The cracks on the crystal didn’t disappear, it seems to be spreading instead.


[Kuh, WHY!]


Despite Dy pouring in a lot of his magic power, it only ends up leaking towards the lake water from the vicinity.


Is it alright to pour it in like that? I check Dy’s status.


Diremolo Zohana Rada Hyerk

Demon Race (Possessing State)

872 Years Old


HP 5425/13956

MP 0/26459


EEH!? This guy is converting his HP into MP and is pouring it in just because his MP is gone!?


I hurriedly grab Dy’s hand and did MP Transfer.


[Dy, you’re being too reckless!]


Dy doesn’t seem to have any leisure to crack jokes with me and he simply just won’t stop pouring in his magic power.


The cracks on the crystal spread with time, it made a particular snapping sound and finally broke.





The fragments that flew dissolved midair and disappeared while drawing a parabola.

Dy touches and supports his younger brother’s body up, but it remains limp and doesn’t move.


Wondering if there’s something I can do, I also try to check the younger brother’s condition.


Duirio Zohana Rada Hyerk

Demon Race (Lost Horcrux)

872 Years Old


HP 28/1489

MP 124/15211


Magic Attribute: Water; Earth; Dark

Skill: Magic; Astrology; Awareness; MP Absorption; HP/MP Conversion; Spirit Vision; Distant Vision; Future Vision

Title: High Grade Atrologist; First Rank Magician


I can see while observing from the side that his MP is decreasing without performing any magic. Because my and Dy’s magic power are useless… That’s right!


Struck with an idea, I try dripping the beauty lotion I received from Ciel’s father on his skin. Ah, for a moment, he twitched!


[Lend me that.]


When Dy flips over the bottle on Duirio, a little bit of warmth returned to the freezing cold fingers and the pale lips begin to redden.


The effect of the beauty lotion to recover magic that father worked on was really amazing!

The jamming spell that the assassin fired before, too, probably didn’t work because of it.


We trusted on its effectiveness and waited for him to wake up. The long eyelashes tremble and we attentively watch his amethyst eyes to become visible.


Dy’s lips tremble and with trembling voice, he called out.



[Nii… sa…] (TN: He wanted to say “Nii-san”)



We certainly heard the hoarse voice. Dy is overcome with emotion and hugs his thin body.


[Rio, Rio… Y, your soul got connected to your body at last, Rio!]

[My soul… has always, been, here… that’s why… Nii-san, pouring your magic power, for how many tens of years, to me… I remember.]

[You don’t need to force yourself to talk.]

[No… Listen.]