Four Ikemen Chapter 77

I saw a person buried inside the cracked crystal.

With his willowy black hair spread flowingly, the slender young man is sleeping with his body  flaccidly drifting about.


And, that quiet sleeping face, has exactly the same features as Dy.


He has the same face as Dy’s which I saw this morning and, like a work of art, he’s gorgeous and inanimate.




After being silent for a short while, Dy told  me who was shocked speechless.


[He’s my younger brother. His name is Duirio.]

[….Is he, dead?]

[He’s alive. But because he’s a vessel without a soul, even if he has a body, he will soon die, that’s why I confined him in a crystal with high density of magic power.]


Is that a state that can be called alive?

I thought of such a question, but as I quietly look at Dy who was continuously pouring magic power into the source of life in front of him, I ended up unable to say anything.


[Should I also pour my magic power in?]

[It’s fine, Duirio isn’t familiar with your magic power after all.]


Feeling the silent rejection from Dy, I observe the lake having nothing to do.


Magic power of high density is permeating from the crystal pillar, dyeing the lake. It came to my mind that this is the reason why strong monsters are being called over.


The underground waterways along the border may be the waterway from Zohana Lake.

That’s why, if Duirio, who is the crystal’s nucleus, disappears, then the monsters at the border will also lose power… Is that how it is?


While being absorbed in my thoughts, when I unintentionally looked in the water, *ko-pori*, a single bubble came up.

Could it be, I ended up calling one after thinking about monsters?


When I tried to cautiously approach it, an assassin jumped out!




Despite Dy instantly using the piece of rubble in the area to divert him, he still approaches with the resolve for a standoff.




I was surprised by the unexpected movement that I blocked the paper drawn with a light attribute magic circle with my arms. This, it’s the obstructing spell from before!


Shoot, I must avoid it or I won’t be able to use magic again! or so I thought too late, and it touched my arm.


The moment it touches me, *pachi*, I felt as if something repelled the paper but perhaps because I wasn’t able to defend against it, my arm is turning numb.


The stone that Dy threw pierced through his shoulder and the assassin once again dove under water.


Gradually, the water is being dyed with the blood’s light crimson color, but the assassin’s body can’t be seen.


[Rei, step back.]

[As if I’m going to do that!]


Because Dy is busy pouring in his magic power, I have no choice but to manage somehow.


I calmly probe into the magic power in my body. When I did, I felt the disturbed magic power being restored little by little.


While wondering that the recovery is faster than when I got it before, I bring my numbing arm to the water’s surface to sharpen its senses.


[…. Over there!]


I raise a spray of water towards the attacking assassin and make the tempered and refined magic power explode.


It seems the assassin who was blown off until the opposite shore no longer has any energy to get up.


Alright! I don’t really know how but I managed to overcome the obstructing spell!!


After thoroughly checking the surroundings, as I was submerged in the aftertaste of victory, a soliloquy bit by bit entered my ears.


[… Why, why can’t I repair it?]


Dy’s face distorts in frustration and he was crushed with the weight of misfortune in front of the crumbling crystal.




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