Four Ikemen Chapter 77

77 Emergency Defensive Battle


In the middle of running through the lake’s vicinity, Alf who was taking the lead stopped his feet.


[Who’s there!]


When the swordsman searchingly inquired towards the woods, a knife flew soundlessly.


[Go ahead of me!]

[If you’re going to fight in the woods then archery will be helpful, I will also go! Ragna, we leave Rei to you!]


While deflecting the fired weapons one after another, the two plunge into the woods.


At the same time, we could differentiate the black-clothed assassins above the path of rubbles heading towards us. There were still the bastards who are under Egrald!

It looks like Dy himself is busy pouring in his magic power and has no time to pay attention to his surroundings.


I can’t really think that there’s anything wrong since it’s him we’re talking about, but as I thought, if the precedent spell that disturbs magic power is used then it will be really bad.


[Rei, sorry but we’re going without stopping.]


It seems Ragna also thought the same, he held me by my waist and started running.


The Dragonian appears to be magnificent not only in brute strength but also in leg strength.

He immediately broke into a battle state.




The Dragonian’s heavy fist mercilessly seizes and pierces the assassins whose virtue is speed. At the same time, while splendidly parrying the attacking number of opponents, he encourages me.


[Go on ahead! These guys’ aim is the crystal pillar!]


I hurriedly chased after the person who slipped out and was running towards the crystal pillar.


I try activating magic but it doesn’t work well just like when we couldn’t fly earlier.


Unlike the previous time when the magic-disturbing spell disturbed the magic power inside the body, I felt that it was being applied around my body and I can’t release my magic power outside.


[If that’s how it is then!]


Pouring out my magic power which defies the common sense of this world, I will cast it even if I have to do so forcefully!




Forcefully pushing the magic power that was condensed due to pressure out of my body, I eject the shock wave which has become similar to an undulating explosion towards the enemy all at once.


The assassin was surprised and hurriedly tried to dodge it, but a small misstep and he will be in the water. A moment of hesitation led to his defeat, and like in a gag manga, the assassin vigorously flew beyond the sky.




I can go to where Dy is with this. But, before that, I send a glance behind me.

Even though he has fallen into a stalemate with the assassins, it seems that he still has a lot of composure.


Ah, could it be because our eyes met? He winked. He really is composed.

I also raise my hand meaning that I’m also leaving it to him and started running towards my destination in a straight line.




When I finally came running and called out, the demon, while kneeling on one knee and with his two hands over his head, briefly sent me a glance.


[You drove away from the annoying flies. There’s nothing I won’t say my gratitude for.]

[Whichever that is. Wait, more importantly, what on earth is going on?]


I peek inside the crystal from Dy’s back. What I thought were white clouds were actually countless cracks, and even now, it’s painfully damaged everywhere to the point of being close to breaking.