Four Ikemen Chapter 76

76 To the Lake


Dy turned his heels around after saying something shocking, we returned to the surface while urging me as if he’s walking me off.


[Dy, wait!]

[I won’t. I’m going to Zohana Lake.]

[You going means that I will have to go as well! And, if I’m going then Alf and the others are going to come along as well so we should at least discuss it- uwaah!?]


The demon who came out above ground held me by my knees and flew out through the window. After putting me down in the courtyard that’s beautifully furnished with greeneries and flowers, he whistled.


A shrill *pyui* sound dissolved into the sky, a flapping sound followed right after.


Alf who has caught up to us has his mouth open in shock and Ragna cheers.


[This is…]

[Goodness! Is that a griffon?]

[It’s a legendary monster, and despite it being such a rare beast that there’s never been one who has seen it, why does it appear in the middle of this city!?]


Ciel explained while being shocked and I understood the beast’s identity.


It was a beautiful beast with hair that shines golden and brown wings on a body that seems undaunted even if the five of us ride it.

How should I put it, it looks damn strong. It looks like nothing will be left of you once you get stabbed by that golden beak.


The griffon circles in the sky and descends to the garden while creating a breeze.

Its large build blocks the courtyard and the people in the courtyard scream and run away.


Dy waited for the descended griffon to fold its wings tightly and he jumped on its back while carrying me.


[I’m going to Lake Zohana. What are you guys going to do?]


Dy asked Alf and co in a seemingly calm state.


He’s surely not calm on the inside, if it’s his usual mischievous self, ‘Shall we do it like this~?’, or so Dy will half-jokingly put up a question.


To call such a legendary beast without wasting a breath, he must be at his wit’s end.

‘What are you thinking!’ Or so I feel that we will be scolded by Westin later.


[So you don’t have the time to explain the situation. Got it, I’m going to go with you, too.]

[I’m also going.]

[I can’t possibly allow Rei to be put in danger.]


Declaring each of their remarks, they hopped on to the griffon’s back.