Four Ikemen Chapter 75

75 Eldest Brother’s Plot


[Ever since that day that the world was dyed gray, I was living a life of regret.]


Alf falteringly spoke.


[Unable to keep any of the promises I made with my mother, older brother, and Honored Uncle, I lived while keeping on running away from the reality I should have faced.]


Putting strength into his arms as if clinging on, he pushes his face on my chest as if to hide it from me.


[That, you… Because you were there, I was able to move forward again. If you weren’t there, I probably won’t be able to reunite with Honored Uncle and return to the castle like this.


With a strained voice, Alf spoke to me in a grateful tone.


[Thank you.]


The whisper that’s full of thoughtful feelings crawled into the deepest part of my heart and lit up a heat.


[Rei, you are my light. I am weak, but I will become strong when I’m with you. Please let me stay by your side and protect you.]


I gently stroked the back of the injured former prince who seems to be asking to be healed.


[Alf, although you said that you were able to do a lot of things because I was there, I’m sure I will also be put in a lot of trouble if you weren’t there. I was alone and had no common knowledge, I think I would have gotten caught by some evil people.]


Ciel blamed me from back then for being too defenseless.


[Thanks every time, Alf. Just as Alf wants to protect me, I also want to protect Alf’s heart.]


As if saying that my feelings were conveyed, he strongly hugs me. For a short while, we were hugging each other like that.


Suddenly, I was tugged from behind my collar and was pulled apart from Alf. When I looked over to see what’s going on, Dy was there.


[I already waited ten minutes. The Lizard doesn’t seem like he’s coming, either, so quickly lead me there. ]

[Dy, you, don’t just pull me so suddenly. You gave me a shock.]


Without paying attention to my complaint, Dy is intently looking at Alf and is emitting cold air. Oh my, he’s quite reeled.


[Demon King, don’t force your circumstances onto others. Rei, were you hurt?]

[Just this much is fine.]


Really, I was just shocked, it’s not as if I got choked.


Seeing that Alf isn’t willing to take him over until Ragna arrives, Dy grabs my hand and is about to leave the room.


[Enough. Rei, the two of us are going to meet the king. I will not let my guard down next time and if I sense any suspicious presence, I will immediately kill it with magic.]

[Wait, don’t do anything rash.]


Alf holds my other hand and stops us. Dy doesn’t seem like he’s going to listen even if we stop him, what to do?


[Ooh, so you were here.]


The door opened with a clack and Ragna came in with Ciel.


[You weren’t in the designated room so we looked for you. I heard voices so I opened it. Now then, I kept you waiting, let’s go.]


Ragna completely changed the atmosphere in the room with his cheerful speaking, he wrapped his arm around Dy’s shoulder and urged him first.


Dy smoothly slipped out from that arm and flew in front. We also walked after him.


[What a bad temper.]


Ragna lightly whispered in my ear as he points at Dy. When I shook my head indicating that nothing can be done about it, the Dragonian shrugged his robust shoulders.

Well, we will probably see some development in the situation once we meet with the king.


We descend deeper down the castle’s complicated structure through Alf’s guidance to arrive at the basement.

The smell of cold soil lightly touches my nose.


When we went down the stairs made of stones, we saw prisoners being tied inside the prison.

They’re probably the king’s followers that Alf told us about. Everybody’s face is uniformly hidden, staring at the wall with empty eyes like while making a face of despair.


As we move forward while trying to make as little eye contact as possible, inside the jail cell that looked sturdier than the other cells, one man was sitting and being chained on a chair.