Four Ikemen Chapter 74


74 The Vow of the Ring


As I stay in the room with the quiet Dy while waiting for Alf and Ragna, the flow of time feels slow.


Even though he keeps talking nonsense no matter how much I stop him, only at this moment do I have trouble dealing with his silence.


Despite quickly disappearing willfully as soon he has nothing to do, he’s crossing his arms and motionlessly staring outside the window today.

Outside the window, a light blue bird that seemed was flying in the sky.


[Are you looking at something interesting?]

[Nothing in particular. I can only see people darting about here and there like ants.]


They probably have a lot to do like post-treatment. Resting in a place like this makes me feel guilty.


[Should I also go over and lend a hand?]

[Because we have a more important matter to attend to right now, don’t do anything unnecessary, okay?]


Without looking at me, the demon unattachedly shrugs his shoulders. It looks like it’s better to leave him alone for a short while.


Since I managed to spare some time, I will try sorting out the inside of the infinite space.


There are quite a lot of things in it that I don’t use, is this crystal fragment the one that was falling in Ragna’s house?

It’s pink so perhaps it’s from Sati Eroica’s room?


Oh, this richly colored bird’s feather is the one Alf found for me at the East-West road.

He said that it’s being used as a charm in some areas.


I found the body lotion that Ciel’s father gave me. Suddenly struck with an idea, I try smearing it on Ciel…. his skin was smooth to begin with, so nothing much really changed.

The air here is also quite dry, I’ll just put some as well.


After spending ten minutes of having no talking, Ciel finally woke up.

Rubbing his eyes that were hidden underneath his long lashes from sleeping, he vacantly raises his face.


[Fuaa… Rei, Diremolo, good morning.]

[Good morning. Or rather, it’s already noon, though.]


Ciel looks like an innocent child as he yawns while withstanding his drowsiness, and the gap between his normal tsun self is amazing.


[Nh… Diremolo? It’s unusual for you to show yourself at this time. Did something happen?]


I summarized everything that happened before Ciel woke up and told him that he’s going to meet with King Egrald.


[If so then I’m going, too. In order for the king to cause a war, he definitely must have set something up in the border zone. We can’t let our guards down until we expose that plan.]


Alf came back just as the conversation becomes definite and knocked on the room’s door.


[Rei, can I have a minute?]

[What is it?]


Ragna is participating with the revolutionary army’s soldiers’ post-treatment inside the castle and his work break is near, so he said he will come then.


Before that, because he said has business with me, I follow Alf inside a room nearby.


Alf gently closed the door behind him with his hand and took out a small box.


As I watch while thinking that the box somehow looks like the one used when proposing, a ring really did appear from inside it.


[I hope you’ll accept this.]


E, eeeehh!? Can it really be a real proposal!?


[It’s my mother’s ring memento. It seems Yifa has been keeping it for a long time.]


Why is he giving his mother’s memento that Yifa was holding on to me? Since it’s a memento, isn’t it better if Alf keeps it himself?


[My mother told me that if ever I come to love someone with all my heart, that I will give it to that person… She met with misfortune and I also fled from the castle, I thought I won’t be able to honor our promise but-]


Alf mocks himself and formed his lips into a smile. It was an expression oozing of regret.