Four Ikemen Chapter 73

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73 Being Humble


The next morning, I was sleeping between Ciel who was hugging me from behind, and Dy hugging me from the front. No, seeing the sun’s risen state, it’s already close to noon.


Ciel aside, it’s rare for Dy to sleep like this. Far from being rare, it might actually be the first time I saw it.


Dy is basically awake when he’s out of the bangle and far from seeing his sleeping figure, I’ve never seen him with his eyes closed.


Observing him again, it’s a scarily beautiful face. He is, how should I put it, Ciel is like a beauty with rose-colored cheeks, but Dy’s beauty is too well-featured making the chest throb when looked at, that it makes one wonder whether he’s truly alive.


His sleeping state is truly quiet, and it makes me worry whether this guy is still breathing.


While I’m staring at Dy’s overly white skin, his eyes opened without any warning. Being stared at by those expressionless noble amethyst pupils, I ended up freezing.


When I did, he soon wears his usual crafty smile.


[Hello, Rei. It seems you enjoyed last night.]


Dy who was teasing me while grinning has such a rich expression making it as if the previous expressionlessness was a lie, the feeling of having a twisted personality is completely presented.


The disquieting atmosphere just then vanished at once, and I reply in my usual tone.


[Listen here, I said that was an inevitability. Because I was given the aphrodisiac, it couldn’t be helped, could it?]

[I see~, so Rei had no choice and was inevitably shaking his hips in high spirits~]


Geez, what’s with him? No way, this guy. I’m really tired this morning, though. What is he unsatisfied about?


[Even though I was trying hard to cancel the magic spell with all I had while being made to smell such a delicious smell beside me, I just thought that it was unfair that I could only suck on my finger and look.]

[No, it’s not even as if I wanted to leave you out.]


Hm, although he’s showing such a very pretty smile, it’s so nice I can only feel that it’s not real. It seems he’s completely sulking.

Hmm~, somehow, I have a really bad feeling about where this flow is going.


[My magic power also decreased, I must get compensated with Rei’s body.]


Aah, see? I thought so!


[….Or, so I thought but there is a task that I must finish first, you see.]



For him to prioritize something overeating, I can only think of one thing.

It seems he was also excessively fixated over the talk about the war, it’s probably related to that.


[It’s about the war, right? I’m also curious about it.]

[Because the Rebel Army won, I don’t think the war will occur, though. There’s a different matter in my mind that I want to ascertain.]


Because he’s saying it with such a serious face, it raised the discomfort in my lower body.

Ciel was fast asleep while we were talking. It’s almost noon, it should be better to wake him up, right?


[He~y, Ciel, wake up. It’s already noon.]



Ciel patted the sheets with his hand in order to search for me, hugged the pillow that was in that vicinity, and smiled.