Four Ikemen Chapter 7

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts


Chapter 7: First Payment and Demon’s Bangle

I somehow managed to return to the city without getting found. I somehow feel pointlessly tired. Let’s quickly report to the guild then rest.
The busy time in the morning has passed, and I find Marie’s deserted reception area to report.

[I’ve collected it.]
[That was quick. May I check them?]

I take out the pipir grasses from the bag. Marie quickly appraised them and separate them by quality.

[A lot of them are in good condition. However, as these two pieces have broken parts, the reward will be reduced by that amount.]
[What, they’re broken?]

I was being careful while gathering them, I didn’t even move violently during the fight with the goblins, nor do I remember folding….
It’s that guy, it’s Ragna’s fault, isn’t it? The leaves were probably already broken when he let me go back then. Damn it.

[The reward will be 6 silver coins, and an additional 1 silver coin for the high-grade grass.]

The added portion is more than I expected. That’s right, I remember I defeated some goblins.

[Please help me with this, too.]
[Goblins, yes? Because there are always subjugation requests, there are rewards available. Because there are 3 pieces, that will be 3 copper coins.]

Together I got 7 silver coins and 3 copper coins. It’s not a bad earning.

[Right, there’s something I would like to ask you.]

I asked about the bag Aleph used yesterday that neglects the law of mass conservation. She said it’s called and item bag and it seems to be normally on sale in magic shops. I’ll check it out later.
While I’m at it, I also tried asking about Aleph and Ciel’s relationship.

[They have been in a party for three years. At that time, Aleph was B-rank and Ciel was C-rank and they rose to A-rank one year ago. Of course they’re strong individually, but they have amazing combination when they’re cooperating with each other. It’s not simply a dream to be an S-rank if it’s them.]
[Ohh, that’s amazing. Speaking of S-rank, I met with an S-rank adventurer called Ragna today.]
[With Ragna-sama? The Dragon Tribe seem to have a custom of sending their youths to travel the world,  they’re flying all over to look for their companion. So he’s in this area right now, where did you see him?]

The Dragon People also have a long lifespan just like the elves, apparently they can live up to 500 years. Both the Elves and Dragon People seem to only be considered an adult when they’re 50 years old, so I guess Ciel is still a child.
Ragna, too, when his age is converted into human’s will be in his middle 20’s.

Marie was excessively curious about Ragna. Apparently, after he saved her from the attack of countless monsters several years ago, she’s become a complete fan of his.

[Some people say that they are uncivilized people who do not know what to do with their liberal character, but they had the strength to be more secure than anyone at the time of battle.]

I can agree with the first half. Although having them as an ally is like having a hundred men is also true. I wonder how I should escape from brutal courtship behavior from such a guy …

I have learned a lot thanks to having talked a lot with her, I left the guild after. I’d like to go back already and rest, but let’s just stop by the magic shop first.
If I have the item bag, no matter whether I’ll be forcefully pulled forward or get crushed, the contents inside will be safe. I want to avoid events like today from happening again.

The magic item shop that Marie recommended to me was quietly open at the back of an alley.
Although it looks dirty and hard to enter, there are unexpectedly some high-quality merchandise inside, and it seems there are some good finds from time to time. There’s an old woman sitting inside.


[Excuse me, I would please like an item bag.]
[They’re lined up over there. Choose whatever you like.]

Separately, bags of the same size are lined up according to price. The higher the price, the more can be fit inside. Even the cheapest one costs 3 gold coins.
What I currently own are 5 gold coins, 5 silver coins, and 3 copper coins. I hesitated a little before buying the one that costs 4 gold coins. Still, since it can fit 3 backpacks’ worth of items it should be enough for now.

Although I don’t have any plan to buy anything else, there are things with unusual effects and designs, I looked around inside the shop. The effect of this earring, when will the stench effect be used? To prevent monster with sensitive nose to approach?

At that time, I saw a gold bangle with a red stone in it. Within the viciously looking color that looks like a hardened lifeblood is a violet prism.
I couldn’t take my eyes off as if I was entranced. As if it was sucked, my hand reached out to it and I appraised.


Demon’s Bangle.

A bracelet with a powerful demon sealed in it that lived from ancient times. It melts the wearer it does not like, but if it like its owner, it will give unrivaled protection.

My arm moved as if it was guided and put on the bangle. I ended up putting it on… Nothing’s happening.


[What, was that just a threat?]
[Looks like it likes you.]

The old lady grinned then laughed happily.

[To think I’d meet you while I’m still alive. Today is such a nice day. I will give that bangle to you. Take good care of it.]
[No thanks, I’m giving it back.]

What am I doing? I try to remove the bangle in a hurry, but it won’t come off. In the first place, I can’t find the connecting part that was there a while ago. It fit cozily in my arm as if it was customized for it.

[It does not want to part with you. It’s fine so just take it.]
[…Eh? EHH???]

You, from some time ago, huh? Please don’t tell me that it’s been calling out to me since I came in. It seems to be true for a person to be so surprised that words won’t come out.
I try to shake it, it won’t come off. I try to pull it off, it won’t come off. I try to turn it, it won’t come off.
My arm finally started hurting so I went on my way home while being sent off by the old lady’s smile.

I immediately washed down my dinner without tasting it properly, quickly wiped my body, and got in the bed.
Probably because I looked depressed, Poppy asked me with “Rei-san, are you okay?” worriedly but honestly speaking, I am not okay.
Being liked by a demon, there’s only a bad feeling to it.

I limited myself to not think about anything and just go to sleep.
I’m not being cursed, nor am I being caught up with an annoying situation, I’m saying I’m not so I’m not. I’ll just put it like that for today.

Let’s go and try meeting God tomorrow. Then I might be able to find a good way to resolve this problem.