Four Ikemen Chapter 69

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69 Rescue


The knights’ footsteps are approaching. I listened to those sounds with fear while closing my eyes. The pendant I got from Ciel was shining on my chest as a warning to me, the soft light reached the back of my eyelids.


[Ah? What’s that?]


The pendant’s light leaks out and the knight reaches his hand out towards my chest. Gyaaa, his finger touched my skin and it feels gross!


At that time, *ga~n**doka~n*, loud clattering sounds like that was drawing nearer. I open my eyes.


I saw the knight who has gotten near me raise a stupid-sounding ‘hebuu’ and plunged towards the boxes.


[Rei, are you safe!?]



Ragna, who looks sterner and appeared even stronger than usual, and a woman with a large build helped me up.


With my freed limbs, I held on to Ragna.


[Umu, it looks like you’re not injured.]


Ragna briefly checked my body then strongly hugged me. This powerful hug that feels as if my internal organs will jump out with one wrong step, it’s been a while.


[Uugh, you’re using too much strength…!]

[Ooh, my bad.]


Even though he learned to hold back his strength recently, he must have been extremely worried about me.


[You are the one called Rei, huh, it’s a relief that you look well. Well then, I will be going to help His Highness Westin’s side so I’ll leave the Princess to you guys. You have my thanks.]

[ I’m very sorry to have asked your assistance, Olga-dono. May the fortunes of war be with you!]


Ragna gives a speech of encouragement and the swordswoman lightly waves her hand.


[Please tell my student to hold himself together. Later.]


The swordswoman called Olga turned her heels with nimble movements unlike her big appearance and disappeared outside the door.


[That person just now… who was she? Her astudent? Also, where’s Ciel?]

[We’re leaving this place first. Let’s talk on our way.]


Ragna who lifted the powerless me to his chest with one hand gets out of the room.


[Wait a moment, Lizard, I need to tear those guys apart or I won’t be satisfied.]