Four Ikemen Chapter 68

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68 Trap


While being interposed between two knights in the front and back, we’re being lead toward our destination.


As we were walking silently, Dy who has been staying still until now talked to me telepathically.


{Hey Rei, since there are no other signs of life, can we just beat those guys?}


‘No no, we may end up not meeting Egrald if we caused a commotion here.

Doing it while being inside a room is better since we can be sure that we won’t be seen, isn’t that way fine?’


Dy went silent at my reply and unlike his usual playful state, he spoke cautiously as if he’s worried about something.


{But somehow, I can feel a strange presence… is this a magic’s residue? Still, I feel like there’s something wrong somewhere.}


I was distracted by Dy’s words and could not respond to the knight’s sudden attack from behind.




Dy instantly spread out his magic, but the created flame was drowned out by an unknown force.


[Magic won’t invoke!?]


Shock covered Ciel’s face. Dy also tried to show himself, but something is obstructing him and he couldn’t get out.


I was not even given the time to resist, I felt a shock behind my neck and I lost consciousness.


I can feel the hard floor. My neck and shoulders hurt. I observe my surrounding by moving only my eyes.


Is it some sort of storehouse somewhere? Without any window, chair, or table, there are only wooden boxes piled up in the room’s vicinity.


It’s a bit dusty… Ugh, there’s a pool of water being made near my mouth making my cheek wet. What’s this, drool?

It felt so gross but I couldn’t move my hands when I tried to wipe it with my cuff, then I understood that my hands were tied behind my back.


I tried to use wind magic to cut the rope, but I couldn’t invoke it properly.


I twist my body countless times and I succeeded in sitting myself up. I call Dy’s name.


[Dy, can you hear me?]

{Rei, this is bad… the magic circuit is screwed up and the exit is blocked!}

[Eh? What do you mean?]

{The magic circuit for transforming my existence to reality is caught up in a recessive chain spell! It might go off accidentally if I pressure it.}


‘Yeah, please don’t use technical terms like Ciel. I understand that you’re panicking, but I can’t understand what you’re trying to say.’


{In other words, its condition was disturbed because of what felt like vestiges of magic from last time, and if I currently try to use magic or show myself, both Rei and the castle will be blown off if I don’t do it well.}

[What the heck is that? Isn’t that bad, then!]

{That’s indeed so, anyway it’s going to take some time to solve this… Seriously, they used such a reckless operative method without any fragment of aesthetic…. No, such a collection of dregs can’t even be called an operative method. If I get done in by something like this then it would be extremely unpleasant… Fufufu}


Please don’t whisper ‘I’m going to pay them back three-folds later… I will not kill them immediately, I will chop them up bit by bit and burn them to death starting from their toes, fufufufufu’, or such in my mind, it’s scary. I understand how you feel, though.


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