Four Ikemen Chapter 67


67 (Younger) Sister Princess


[Insolent! Let go of your hands!!]


The arm of a navy blue-haired young lady in a red dress is being held by a knight.


[Princess, I said that the previous time will be the last time, did I not?]

[Why do I have to be stopped by you when I’m going meet Eldest Brother!? This is weird!!]

[It’s unfortunate that you will not understand… Hey, take her to the prison.]



The knight roughly pulled the princess’s hand and passed her towards another knight as if throwing her. Ragna slid in during that time and supported the princess.


[What is an outstanding Knight-dono doing to a noble single woman?]

[What did you say?]


The knight was enraged at Ragna’s one sentence. As Ragna entrusted the princess to Alf, he boldly confronted the knights.


[Thinking that you’re being violent towards the woman and I just ended up inserting myself in between. Could you tell me the situation if you don’t mind?]


Ciel softly smiled like nobility and approached the knight. The knight humphed through his nose.


[You* are an emerging noble, aren’t you? You don’t even have an escort. To buy a court rank with gold, people can also do such low acts. Allow me to especially tell the newcomer who doesn’t know anything.] (TN: He’s using お前(omae) which is a rude form of ‘you’, especially since he’s talking to Ciel who is supposedly a noble.)


The knight who looked lightly at Ciel, an elf who is originally unlikely to become a noble in this kingdom, said with his eyes up.


[This woman* disobeyed our King’s command. Even when we kindly warned her repeatedly, there’s not even a sign of repentance. Thus, as per the King’s statement, she shall be escorted to the prison.] (TN: Again, using 女(onna) which is rude considering he’s talking to a princess. Man, these people are rude.)

[I only have something I want to talk to Eldest Brother! Even though the people are suffering because of him, being confined in my room and unable to do anything, it’s unbearable!]


While pretending to worry about the stern princess, Alf whispered something in her ear. The princess’s eyes widen and was about to shout, so he hurriedly covered her mouth.


I wonder what he said, Alf used to be a prince and he seems to be knowledgeable about that princess, is she his younger sister or cousin?


[Whatever the Princess may think, the King’s words are absolute.]


The knight thinly smiled at the princess as if pitying her, then declared to Ciel.


[Now, I will have you hand that woman. Or else, you all will have the same offense.]

[Wha, what did you say!? These gentlemen have nothing to do with it! Alf-oni—— Not that, a mere butler shouldn’t touch me! You are unrelated to me so let go!!]


Hey hey, this princess, her remarks are dangerous. She’s also really bad at follow-ups, and I’m pretty sure she was about to say ‘Alf-oniisama’. Will we be alright?


Giving the knight a sidelong glance, he doesn’t seem to have noticed anything strange. It helped that he’s an idiot.


Ciel, who glanced at the rampaging princess, put his hand on his chin in a thinking manner.


[Let’s see, then shall we have a deal?]


[Actually, this girl perfectly fits my preference. If I can do as I please to this woman*, I can compensate you.] (TN: Ciel uses 女性(josei) here. Unlike that uncouth knight.)