Four Ikemen Chapter 66

66 Infiltration


The boy wearing nicely tailored nobility clothes and the blond-haired young man who was wearing a dress similarly made with a lot of high-quality cloth were being rocked within the carriage heading towards the Royal Palace with nervous expressions.


The boy was very lovely even while young and one gets the impression that he’s older than he looks. He might be elf-mixed.


The blond young man’s ears are pointed, indicating an elf’s characteristic.

The young man holds an elaborate beauty compared to the elf-mixed boy. Though they are not siblings, the atmosphere they give off seems they could be distant relatives.

Driving the carriage is a dark gray-haired butler. Perhaps his hair color was changed with chemicals, the color of his hair does not suit his cool atmosphere.


Although he has an evenly balanced and graceful face because his bangs are lowered, his eyes are hidden and it becomes hard to inquire him.


Beside the carriage, a red-haired adventurer with an imposing body who probably looked familiar due to his skills was keeping a watchful eye. His well-featured face has a fearless expression.


The brand new horse-drawn carriage with a complicated crest pattern was quietly moving forward in the main road and soon stopped in front of the door of the palace gate.

The guards inquire about their identity.


[The carriage over there, what do you need? That’s an unfamiliar family crest.]


A blond young man showed his face from the inside.


[It’s Ciel Houston who would be receiving the title in a few days. I have received the King’s imperial command.]

[An elf, huh…]


The soldier exchanged words with the soldier next to him, and just when one thought that they will finally be smiling, they opened the gate with hypocritical courtesy.


[…Somehow, we got through smoothly.]


The black-haired youth whispers in a low voice.


[It’s fine up to here, the problem starts from now on. I will do the talking so Rei, just be quiet and don’t catch attention.]

[I know.]


The carriage advances while they’re whispering to each other, finally stepping into the Royal Palace after stretching across the designated place.


Let me explain the situation here.

With the help of Third Prince Westin, we’re trying to infiltrate the Royal Palace with the noble peerage we bought with gold, together with a butler, bodyguard, and other disguises.