Four Ikemen Chapter 65


TN: I will be using ‘aniue/oniichan/onii-sama/etc’ as honorifics. i.e. Westin-aniue. and I will be using Elder/Eldest Brother as title. i.e. third elder brother. Not sure if my explanation is understandable but I hope it is. 🙁

65 Elder Brother


Walking around the bars downtown, giving away money, and saying passwords in various places, Alf walked in on a corner of the slum.


The slums are so dangerous, it’s dirty, dark, and it stinks, and bloodstains are scattered for some reason.


I thought that a young man with glaring eyes was intently looking at us, but because a beggar child was chanting, ‘Please give me your grace’ as if talking in delirium, I can’t just thoughtlessly meet eyes with them.


I firmly wore my hood and followed along while hiding behind the silhouette of Ragna who has a good physique.


Before long, Alf stopped in front of a door that looked as if it’s going to be blown away once the wind blows.


[Rei, now is the chance if you want to back out. We might have made it this far, but there’s a possibility that it’s Egrald-aniue’s trap.]


Alf seemed to be hesitant about what’s going to happen later, but my resolve hasn’t changed.


[Is that so… Then make sure to stay behind me. Take care not to go in front.]


I prepared myself to be able to shoot magic at any moment and marched indoors behind Alf’s back.


Ragna and Ciel also cautiously follow behind, Dy hides his body in my bangle and sharpens his senses.


Although nothing happened in the first room, Dy sent me a message through telepathy.


{There’s someone hiding behind the door in the front.}


When I also informed Alf about Dy’s message, he nodded indicating that he understood.


Taking a short pause, Aleph threw the interior door open.


*Ki~n* A metallic sound reverberates.

Alf who caught somebody’s sword attack, with a speed unstoppable with the naked eyes, attacked back and the opposing prey was sent flying.


He points the tip of his sword to the throat of the man who fell on his back as a reaction.

The man raised both hands as if in surrender, then shrugged his shoulders.


[Whoo~, I give up, I give up. Don’t come any closer than that, you’re going to cut my neck.]

[That voice is… Westin-aniue!]


The man named Westin hoisted himself up and lifted the hood covering him.


The light blue hair that gives a non-serious impression sprang up in various places, and although he doesn’t give off an out of place feeling even after becoming dirty because of staying in the slums, his face resembled that of Alf’s.


[Hey brother, I’m glad you’re doing fine.]

[It’s been rumored that you’re missing.]

[Aren’t you the same? You didn’t even bid your Onii-chan goodbye and suddenly disappeared.]