Four Ikemen Chapter 64

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64 The Royal Capital


When we handed over our guild card to the gatekeeper in the royal capital, we were welcomed wholeheartedly.  He kept talking on and on while wearing a creepy smile.


[A-rank and S-rank!? This is great! You guys are lucky, it’s currently an unprecedented time to earn some money. The King is inviting mercenaries and I heard that if you raise your contribution during the war then a great number of rewards will be received. Well, that’s only if you manage to stay alive, though, keshishishi.] (TN: Last part is the laughter.)


The Royal Capital Valhalla is right next to the underwater passage after passing through it. It’s positioned a little to the north of the east-west road and is around 4 days worth of travel on horses from the border.


I don’t know what kind of magic it was, but we managed to travel between the Sacred City Ruphia and Royal Capital Valhalla in just a few hours when we passed through the passage.


‘Did you say it’s a passage connected to the main city?’ Alf’s eyes became even sterner and Ciel wanted to elucidate the device, but Dy who understood him laughed,


[We made this place as something like a hidden base. It’s a secret so I won’t tell you.]


and left a mysterious speech. What the heck is with a secret structure that’s connected to the city and the capital?


Ruffians were frequenting the bars and beastmen slaves can be seen being put to work everywhere.


I also saw a girl who looked like a magician with a magic-sealing bracelet attached to her being dragged away.

How pitiful. I want to do something, but I can’t cause a disturbance here.


The residents have uneasy expressions and not knowing when the war will start, they’re whispering ‘what on earth is the King thinking?’ in places where soldiers can not see.


[This is worse than we anticipated.]

[It looks like the information just got complicated, we need to investigate closely.]


Alf who knows the castle previously looks around with a face that says he can’t believe it.


[It used to be a nice metropolis full of vibrancy that made you want to visit it. I must learn why it has turned into this.]

[Yeah, let’s split up and gather some information.]


Just like that time we arrived at the Sacred City, Ragna goes to the guild and Ciel proceeds to the streets.


Saying that it should be better to bundle my personal belongings because the security has worsened, this time I go with Alf and Ciel to gather information and the two were clinging to me as if guarding me.