Four Ikemen Chapter 63

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63 Unknown Underground Waterway


Just in what way will the monsters in the border disappear, in order to investigate that and prevent the war, we prepared to go to the kingdom.


If the only teleportation could leap extremely long distances then we would have in a single leap, but it’s too bad that the magic’s approximate can only work at the city’s proximity.


I call it a preparation but because I just dump everything in the dark space, there’s nothing much for me to do.


When Ciel’s father learned about the existence of my almost infinite storage box, he handed over his inventions saying it might be of help for something.


A medicated paste that can cure a scratch at once, a potpourri that’s useful for a quiet sleep outdoors, a compress that removes fatigue,  they’re everyday goods that focus on even the finest of details.


I was even given some kind of beautifying serum. I candidly said I didn’t need it and tried to give it back, but the man claimed that the frivolously potent gunk would “boost mana recovery and repel mild attacks when applied”.

Of course, it’s going to make the skin springy, he said.


[Why are you modifying these things to become high-performance?]


Ciel replies to my simple question.


[Because those are things he made for Kaa-san.]


Ohh, I see, I’m convinced.


Leaving the elven woods, and then Great Forest Megipus, we proceed towards the west.


The inventions Darrel gave me were surprisingly useful, and because Habartalt’s domestic was peaceful without any changes, our comfortable journey was overdue.


We resupplied our horses in the town we stopped by and took two weeks to cross the country, we went back as far as the Sacred City’s vicinity.


[We’re directly going to the border from here, right?]


As I, who has learned how to ride a horse alone, was being swayed on horseback, I asked everyone as a confirmation.


[We can probably only do that.]

[An entrance restriction might be applied to the place we’re going.]

[If that happens, we have no choice but to cross that mountain.]


Ciel pointed to the mountain range which holds the Amburezza Mountain.


The mountain stretches out when I faced towards the north of the border, and on its foot extends the Zohana Lake, a lake of great length that almost spans over the country.


Going north towards the lake where powerful monsters appear, although the number of monsters making an appearance drops drastically, it apparently requires much effort to reach there.


[If that happens then we don’t have a choice but to take some time. Although it would be nice if they can let us through somehow.]

[We can’t wait that long.]

[Uwah!? Dy, don’t just suddenly appear, you’ll scare the horse.]


The demon appears behind me from within the shadow and saddles on the horse, he selfishly snatched the reins.


[Come over this way, there’s a secret path.]


The place we’re heading for while being led by Dy was an abandoned historic ruin.


Although there are marks indicating that humans have stepped foot in the small forest, the surroundings of the ruin’s entrance have no traces that it has been demarcated, and it seems nobody has entered it yet.