Four Ikemen Chapter 62

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62 Signs of War


A war might occur if this goes on.

Ragna puts his hand on his chin, Ciel furrows his brows, and I was lost for words from too much shock.

When I met with Yulias-shin for the first time, I hoped to go to a world with no war and he acknowledged saying that it was an easy request.

Between the continent’s Yodelia Kingdom and the Sacred Country of Habartalt, there spread a monster zone with a bigger range than a large river.


It’s fine to rush into it with a horse alone, it’s absolutely not a place where an army can march.

Having actually traveled through it, I knew this all too well.


We were able to pass through without any problems because we are A-rank and S-rank veteran adventurers, a collection of soldiers can’t possibly get past it. (TN: Because Rei is a member of Alf/Ciel party which is A-rank and Ragna is S-rank.)

Even so, why are they causing a war?


As if noticing the uniformity of our silence, Cis raised a cheerful voice.


[Somehow, it looks like it’s going to drag on, I’m going to prepare some tea for now.]  


Cis stands up from her chair and Darrel goes on.


[It will be a huge matter if that’s true. I also may have been consulted about something, I will read it in my room.] (TN: Darrel’s own letter.)


When Darrel left the living room, Dy appeared.


He doesn’t have the usual smile as if he’s eaten a person, he’s glaring at the letter Alf is holding with a look as if he’s fed from the bottom of his heart.


[You said there’s a war? Unbelievable, isn’t it, the national border is full of monsters, you know?]


Fufufu, he leaked out a sneer and ridiculed Alf more sharply than usual.


[The reason why a war hasn’t happened in more than a hundred years is that the troops aren’t able to cross the monster zone on the border. For him to not know about something so obvious, is your older brother an idiot with lacking intelligence?]

[Apparently, they found a way to eliminate the monster zone.]


Dy’s facial expression hardens instantly. With a dreadfulness he has never shown before, he looks at Alf with his amethyst eyes turning a darker shade.


[What’s that? Swordsman-kun, explain it in more detail.]

[Even if you ask me to explain,it looks like they also haven’t grasped it on Honored Uncle’s side. It’s just that, due to the swelling of military power which caused an unusual even in the kingdom, he’s warning us not to head towards Yodelia.]

[Huuh? For him to give me an order, Holy Emperor also has a lot of guts, doesn’t he.]


Although the old demon’s clearly beautiful face formed a warped smile, he certainly is supposed to be smiling but it brought about a penetrating cold air.


[Isn’t it better for the world and the people if the foolish Royal Family who raised some lunacy such as war to be annihilated?]

[Stop it! It’s certainly true that Elder Brother’s method is wrong, but to kill him because of that is…]


Alf refutes Dy’s extreme comment.


[So you’re saying it’s fine even if hundreds and thousands of people die because of those trashes who are as brainless as livestock?]

[Nobody said that! Don’t mock Elder Brother like that!]

[Calm down, both of you!]


After breaking up the argument that’s heating up more and more and calming the two down, I reveal my own mind.


[I think we must go to Yodelia Kingdom.]

[Rei! It’s dangerous, absolutely not!]


Opposite of Alf who looked away and objected, Ragna calmly asked.


[Why do you think you want to go?]

[Even I don’t want a war to occur… the Holy Emperor is also the same, I don’t want the people I know in this world to be put in danger. That’s what I think.]

[Nevertheless, there’s no need for you to put yourself in danger, is there?]


Alf desperately convinces me, but I can’t do anything and watch the course of events from a safe place, and when I think that meanwhile the Holy Emperor, the residents of Verna, and the good adventurers in Sacred City will be put in danger, I can’t just sit still.