Four Ikemen Chapter 61

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61 Honored Uncle’s Letter


The morning training group returned and everyone ate breakfast aside from Dy who was sleeping and didn’t come out.


[I cooked plenty of Ciel-chan’s favorite dishes! I wonder if Rei-chan and company will also like them?]


An omelet with a variety of vegetables, fresh salad, and bread garnished with home-made pickles and wild grapes, we were smacking our lips at the scrumptious breakfast.


The meals at Ragna’s place had a large quantity of meat, and although there were also a lot of delicious vegetable dishes, the food Cis cooked look gorgeous and also tastes good.


Both of them are delicious and it’s hard to say which one is better, but perhaps because I have been eating only meat, I felt that the dishes with tons of vegetables were very delicious.


[They’re very delicious. Especially this, wild grapes bread.]

[My my my, that’s Ciel’s-chan’s most favorite food. You sure get along well.]


Cis was also eating herself while serving food, but she suddenly raised her face.


[Oh my, there are letters.]


When Cis pushes her way through the thicket on the window to make some space, two little birds made with magic leaped in, one stopped on Alf’s shoulder and the other one on father’s hand, left a letter and disappeared.


[My my my, for a letter to even reach Alf-chan, I wonder who it was from?]


Cis tilts her head and blinks her bright green eyes. Darrel’s dark green eyes amusingly look at Alf with a hand supporting his chin.


[Since it’s able to bypass the elves’ barrier, the sender must be the same as my letter, namely, it’s unmistakably from Feifre.]

[A letter came for Darrel-dono from Honored Uncle Feifre?]


My goodness, it seems Ciel’s parents are exchanging letters with the Holy Emperor.

To put it simply, Ciel’s parents are from a family of scholars, and they have been doing something like being the advisor of the Holy Emperor for generations.


[We have an abstention with his country even if our elven woods is located in the Sacred Country, the place where it’s in isn’t even known. However, misfortune resulted from our mutual noninterference. We started exchanging letters in order to stop it.]


Darrel said as if he’s giving a speech and shrugged his shoulders.


[Naturally, since the lifespan of humans is short, it’s more like I’m sharing my knowledge with him instead of calling it a simple letter exchange. While doing something like that, we became known as a family of scholars. Well, since I’m the most knowledgeable if we exclude Elder-sama, it’s not necessarily a lie.]