Four Ikemen Chapter 60

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60 Reminiscent Dream


When I woke up in the morning, Alf and Ragna were sleeping beside me. I’ve also gotten used to this pattern recently.


The oppressive feeling when enclosed by these tall people isn’t a joke.

That Dy is actually also pretty tall, but he doesn’t feel oppressive because he’s always flying.


When I faltered, Alf who’s in front of me widened his eyes. My line of sight crossed with the light blue eyes.


[Rei, good morning.]

[Good morning, Alf.]


Even though he just woke up, his freshness makes me unable to feel that.  It would be perfect if it was added to Ciel’s bad waking habit and divide into two.


[What, is it morning already?]

[Good morning to you, too, Ragna.]

[Yesterday was a misfortune, I’m glad that you’re safe above all else.]


Oh, about that monster, the biggest event for me was after that.

If I keep getting attacked like that, I might get killed in the near future and it’s going to be death during sexual intercourse.


[I will be out for morning training from this time forward, how about you, Alf?]

[Yeah, I’ll join you.]

[Then I will go on ahead and wait for you.]


After Ragna stroked my head, he left the room.


[Your body was paralyzed, do you still feel any numbness?]


Being asked by Alf, I clench my fists and move my ankles around, and I confirmed that there’s nothing wrong.


[Everything’s fine.]

[Are you hurt? Please tell me if you feel pain anywhere.]


If he compels me then I feel like my waist is heavy, but if I tell that to the worrywart Alf then he will definitely nurse me.


[It’s alright, I may be weak compared to everyone, but it’s an ordinarily healthy body.]

[If so then it’s fine.]


Alf nimbly changed his clothes, placed his sword on his hips, and went out of the room.

The wooden door closes with a click. I can hear the footsteps becoming more distant… Taking a short pause, I put my hands on the clothes that have been changed unknowingly after that and lowered my underwear.


The slime on my body has been removed, but I don’t like it if there’s some left inside my butt.

Dy or Ciel should have surely cleaned it, but it bothers me so I will just make sure…


I carefully put a finger in…it looks like nothing’s left in there.


[That’s right, Rei, didn’t Ciel unreasonably do something yester… !?]


Alf opened the door and entered the room, saw me and froze.


[Uwaaah!? Th, this is, that…]


His face dyed red, he was staring at my waist in a fluster.


[Forgive me for intruding, it looks like your body is really fine. That, if it’s still not enough then I will help you, no, please allow me to collaborate with you by all means.]

[You’re wrong! I’m telling you I’m just checking if there’s any residue from yesterday.]

[Yesterday’s, what? Could it be an injury!?]

[That’s why I’m telling you that you’re wrong!!!]


In order to resolve Alf’s misunderstanding and send him out, I ended up using a lot of endurance early in the morning.


While the two warriors were being zealous on their morning training, I headed to Ciel’s room, planning to take a look at the sleeping angel’s face.


[Hey~, Ciel~]


There was no reply even when I knocked and called out. He’s still sleeping for sure.


The door timingly opened on its own as I try to put my hand on it. It seems Ciel opened it, he was standing in front of me.


The golden curly hair is more springy than usual probably because he just got up, his green eyes are opened wide and thoroughly awake.



[This is rare, Ciel, for you to be awake before you’re woken you up.]


Ciel was acting suspiciously while saying, ‘well’ and ‘yeah’.




Ciel’s golden eyelashes covered his eyes.


[…Yesterday, I think I was a little too mean to you. I was, feeling… bad.]


The ending of Ciel’s apology becomes weak.

Looking up blankly at him who was standing modestly, I remembered about the punishment he insistently did yesterday.


[No, I was also the one at fault, and it’s true that my hips hurt but instead of saying that Ciel is the one at fault, it’s because Dy overdid it. Rather, about 80% of it was Dy’s fault. Don’t think about it too much.]

[Also about that, I should have stopped Diremolo much earlier.]

[No no, I can still walk around now so I’m telling you it’s not a big issue! Look, nothing’s… uu!!]



I’m perfectly healthy! Because I jumped on the spot trying to convince him, my waist hurt. Damn~, so jumping was impossible.



[It’s best if you go to sleep, I will carry you to the room.]

[It’s really not bad to that extent! Oh, that’s right Ciel, please guide me around your house!]


[I’ve already slept enough! Hey, isn’t it fine?]


When I wholeheartedly stare at Ciel, his ears turn red for some reason. Hesitantly, he accepted my excuse.



[Yay! Let’s go!]

[Ah, wait, you can’t run!]