Four Ikemen Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Encounter with Ragna


The third person appears.


Morning has come. The sun has just risen so the temperature is low. An adventurer’s morning is early, and since there’s a chance I won’t wake up on time if I go back to sleep, I reluctantly got up. After I changed into the clothes I bought yesterday, I left my room and I saw a dark green head outside it. She’s holding a broom and is energetically cleaning.

[Good morning, Poppy.]
[Good morning! You’re up early, breakfast isn’t ready yet.]
[Is that so, is there a place I can kill time at?]
[If so, how about the courtyard? Adventurers are training themselves there as time goes by.]
[Then I think I’ll do so.]

I’ll take a look at the courtyard while waiting for breakfast to be prepared. It looks like it’s possible to practice swinging or light exercise, and also magic training.
Since there’s exactly no one around at the moment, I decided to try using magic.

I tried tracing my magic power like I did when I made my guild card. Then, I feel power circulate inside my body. Is this magical power?
I collect it on top of my palm, then I try imagining water the size of a baseball ball. I felt something escaping from my fingertips, and when I opened my eyes, water the size of a basketball ball appeared. Oh, so this is magic.

Because the water was bigger than what I imagined, I repeatedly made balls of water while adjusting the output. As I kept on repeating it, I managed to grasp the reasonable amount of magic power to use. Next, I tried releasing it to the ground. The water ball scattered while making a splashing noise.

I also practiced the same way with fire, wind, and earth. When I also made a ball out of darkness attribute the same way and released it on the ground, it left a hole on it. In a panic, I covered it with earth magic. It looks like Darkness magic is powerful, I’ll stop practicing that here.

I checked my status soon after I finished practicing.

Rei Arihara
17 years old
Lv: 1
HP: 48/48
MP: 65417/65482
Magic Attribute: Water; Wind; Fire; Earth; Darkness
Skills: Language Conversion; God’s Eye (Limited Ability); Magic
Titles: Raised in Another World; Spring of Magical Power; God’s Favorite

Magic was added as a new skill. Does this mean I can now use magic?
My MP is barely reduced compared to the full amount. But if Poppy or the lady from the clothing store used magic, it’d probably be depleted.

Breakfast consists of stir-fried ediyu eggs and leafy vegetables called petuna, paired with walnut bread. I deliciously ate it.
I somehow manage to understand the names of the meals served to me, but I wonder how the Language Conversion works? Does it simply use the same name for food that look the same?
Maybe I can just go to the church and ask God about it when I have free time.

I got ready to go out, picked up my lunch, then departed. The quests in the guild are first come first served. That’s especially so for low-ranked adventurers so I better find myself one fast.

The front of the guild’s bulletin board is packed with people. It’s Spring Season and looks like it’s time for monsters to start actively moving so there are a lot of requests. I slipped through the crowd and searched for the F and G rank quests that I can accept.
Since there are requests to gather medicinal herbs, I picked the one with the highest pay and took it off the board. I can take this request bringing it to the reception desk.

Because there’s a long line, I lined up in the row where Marie, who I talked to yesterday, is assigned.
I check her status while waiting.

Marie Dane
22 years old
Lv: 47
HP: 2396/2396
MP: 655/655
Magic Attribute: Earth; Wind
Skills: The Art of Staff ( 棒術); Magic; Wind Reading(風読み); Night Vision; Dismantling
Title: First-class Stick Fighter

Marie is also strong. Strong enough to make me wonder why she’s acting as a receptionist here.
I found it mysterious so I checked the other personnel, and all of their levels are high. It looks like only capable adventurers can become the guild’s employee.

[Good morning, Rei. Are you immediately taking in your first job?]
[That’s right, it’s this.]
[It’s a request to gather pipir grass, isn’t it? There will be a cancellation fee if you’re unable to complete the quest after accepting it, will that be fine?]
You’ve accepted the request. Do you know what a pipir grass look like?]
[I don’t. Can I please see a sample if there’s one?]
[There’s a dictionary for the medicinal herb over there, and also a map of the area. Since we can’t lend it out, please read it inside the guild. There are also books with information regarding adventuring so you might want to look at it if you have the time.]
[I will do that.]

I took the dictionary about medicinal plants from the bookshelf. I found out that pipir grasses have round leaves and they spread throughout the ground like dandelions. This seems to become the raw material for HP potions.
Pipir grasses grow in the nearest fresh green forest from here, it takes an hour to walk.
There are also some monsters who appear near the town or the forest, but they’re rarely seen. Let’s not forget to be vigilant.

I also lightly read the dictionary about the monsters and looked through the adventure books, too. All the necessary stuff have been prepared other than the staff, but since I can use magic even without it, I should still be fine. Since more and more people are coming in, let’s head out already.

I walked out of the city gate and quickly made my ways towards the forest. I decided to take a short break after I made it to the forest. After a short rest, I immediately start looking for medicinal plants.
I quickly found it. I checked it using God’s Eye in case I made a mistake.

Pipir Grass
Medicinal herbs widely distributed in Yulias. It will become the raw material for HP potions.
State of maturity is A.

It seems I wasn’t mistaken. I place it in the hemp bag I’m carrying. The content of the request was 30 stalks. Since I want to finish it today, I will find exactly 30 of it.
I repeatedly harvested every pipir grass I found which has grown well, and by the time I took a break to eat my lunch, there were only 2 more grasses left to find.

I  heard a crackling gyigyi sound. When I followed the direction where the cries are coming from, i found three small monsters with green skin. Are they goblins? They seem to be busy arguing against each other to move and haven’t found me yet.

[They will be my first kill, huh.] 1

I approached the goblins little by little, ensuring that I have enough distance to take them down with magic, then I created arrows made of ice and properly aimed it at them.
When they realized it, the arrows are already in front of them, piercing them without much resistance.


The goblins noisily fell to the ground and stopped moving just like that.
I approached the bodies while being cautious, and I cut off their ears as proof of subjugation. Blue blood came out.

Ugh, gross…While being careful not to touch the blood, I put the ears in a separate bag.
I somehow managed to work on the three goblins, then I look around me.

[….Which way did I come from?]

While focusing on hunting the goblins, I seem to have strayed from the road.

[Right, if I look from above, won’t I be able to tell where I am?]

I collected the pipir grasses growing near me, then I used wind magic after I collected all 30 stalks.
As I float up, I was overlooking the entire forest about the trees.

[Uwaa~ what a magnificent scenery!]

The forest spreads all over and right outside the forest, I can see the path I walked on yesterday. I soon found the city. Let’s just fly for as near as I can get.


As I was flying, something was approaching. It’s a man with red hair. There are dark red wings with films on his back. (TN: Typical dragon wings)

[What’s that?]

I take a look at his status.

Ragna Vue Der Burser 2
Dragon Tribe (竜人族)
76 years old
Lv: 102
HP: 5835/5835
MP: 98/98
Magic Attribute: Fire
Skills: Swordsmanship; Martial Arts; Flight; Night Vision; Wind Reading; Perceptio (気配察知); Swift Runner (俊足); Metamorphose; Strong Arm; Intimidation; *Haki ( 覇気) (TN: One Piece reference for me.)
Titles: Special-class Swordsman; First-class Fighter; Limit Breaker; S-rank Adventurer

Ooh…. so he’s over Lv100. Moreover, an S-rank. Since he’s heading towards me, running away or ignoring him might be bad, huh.

The man came in front of me after a few seconds. He’s huge after seeing him up close. He has a height of about 2 m, has a good physique, his arms have scales and he’s wearing a heavy-looking breastplate, the intimidating pressure he emits is also not half-assed.
His bright red hair that seems to blind the eyes wildly springs around, giving him a wild charm. The corners of his eyes rising 3, his amber eyes glowing in glee.
Although he’s 76 years old, probably because his race is different, he looks to be around his late 20’s. Although he looks fierce, he’s handsome.
What the heck, are all high-rankers good-looking?

[You, are you from the human race? It’s rare for humans to fly in the sky. A child like you, nonetheless.]
[I’m not as young as I look.]
[Why are you being so stiff, just speak normally. I’m Ragna, what’s your name?]
[Then I’ll do so. I’m Rei, I just became an adventurer yesterday.]
[Hou…. To think there’s someone with this much magical power that I haven’t perceived. Were you living in an excluded place before?]

Can this guy see my magical power? I keep my guard up without showing it in my face.

[Something like that. Can you tell the amount of magical power I have?]
[Enough to know it’s more than mine. Don’t you perhaps have more than even the ordinary elves?]

Does he think I’m at the same level as Ciel? Thank goodness, so it’s not like he found out how much magical power I have.

[And what are you doing out here?]
[Well, taking a walk? No, flying? Does Ragna feel like that? It feels good to be up in the sky, doesn’t it?]

I don’t want to say that I’m lost so I answered deliberately, Ragna’s huge body trembles as he heartily laughed.… Which part of it is funny?

[Hahaha…Without being afraid of a person from the Dragon race nor unconditionally worshipping him, instead of treating him as a friend. You’re an interesting human.]
[Haa, well thanks for that.]
[I’ve come to like you, Rei. Be my wife.] (TN: Well that escalated too quickly I just had to react to it.)

As soon as Ragna said that, he held my hand and drew it close. My body that is smaller than the average Japanese men fits snugly in Ragna’s arm.
Ha!? How did it end like this!? Even when I violently struggle, he’s not budging an inch.

[No, that’s impossible! I’m a man!]
[Oh, so you’re a male. What, something like gender is nothing in front of love.] (TN: Those so-called homophobes should learn from this guy.)
[No no, it’s not a trivial thing, you know?]

While still continuing my useless resistance, I hear a voice from a low altitude.

[Let go of Rei! Can’t you see that he doesn’t like it!?]


Alf ran to the sky by manipulating the wind. I don’t know why he’s here, but nice timing.

[Please help me!]
[Yeah, jump into my arms!]
[I won’t let you.]

Ragna hugs me. Wai- too strong, my insides are coming out, I’m going to break! 

[Alf, don’t act on your own…. you are yesterday’s…]
[Hmm, as expected, fighting two A-ranks will be a bit hard…. Just wait for a bit.]

I’m finally released from his arms. I, I thought I was gonna die.
Ciel is suspiciously looking at me and then at Ragna. 

[Alf? What’s going on and just why is there a need to fight that person from the dragon race?]
[I won’t hand Rei over!]
[That should be my line.]

The troublesome person just increased to three. Eh, is this my fault? I have absolutely zero confidence that I can stop this, though.
Moreover, I feel like I’ll be taken away by the side who wins.

The battle has started while I was worrying. Because their levels are literally higher than mine, I can’t even see a thing about what they’re doing.
Metals are constantly emitting sparks everywhere, other times places will get frozen, get blown up, or a sudden gust of wind will suddenly appear.
If I were to try and stop this kind of thing, I will unmistakably get sent to heaven.
Or rather, it won’t be surprising if a stray bullet will hit and kill me. (TN: not a literal bullet.)

[….Yosh, let’s run away.]

I’m not the one in the wrong, am I? Yup, it’s not my fault.
Sorry, Alf, I will not forget your precious sacrifice!



1 – 先手必勝だな

2 – ラグナ・ヴェーダバーサー (If somebody can come up with a better sounding name, please share it with me. Thank you.)

3 – 目尻は釣りあがっており、琥珀の目が爛々と光っている。