Four Ikemen Chapter 56

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56 Mutant Slime


When I survey the forest trees standing close to each other from the edge of the village, a green stone was lying down on a tree root about two trees away.


[What a relief, it’s over there.]


I rush over towards the stone and take it. When I got hold of it, it was a necklace in the shape of an acorn and there’s no mistake that it’s the one I got from Ciel .


This time, in order not to easily drop it, I wear it inside my clothes.


[With this, it’s set. Now then, let’s go bac…. wait, huh?]


When I turned back, the village which was supposed to be there, vanished.

The light green mist also come out, it looks like I lost my way back.


[You’ve gotta be kidding me…? Even though it was just right there.]


Even when I try walking towards the vicinity where the village was, there was only the forest that spreads there.


[What on earth should I do…. Oiii~ Alf! Ciel, Ragna! Dy!!]


When I tried calling everyone’s name, only one person showed up.


[Rei, what are you doing in a place like this?]

[Dy! I’m glad, but weren’t you supposed to be inside?]

[Because my real body is in that bangle, I will come out from the bracelet once I dive into the darkness.]


It looks like he disappeared from the living room because he got tired of listening to them.

Although he’s being fickle like usual, I only appreciate it this time.


[Was that so? Hey, do you know the way back?]

[I know where the barrier is located. I do know, but the village will be damaged if I break it.]

[You can’t do that.]

[If you give me half a day, I might be able to resolve it.]


If we stand here for half a day, isn’t it a flag that we will surely be discovered and get scolded?


Haa… But there’s really nothing else we can do either, it looks like we can only wait for Alf and the rest to notice and look for me.

It’s fortunate that as long as I have this necklace, Ciel will be able to find me.


[It’s been a long time since we’ve been alone together. Although it has been lively lately, it’s also nice to have silence once in a while, isn’t it?]


In a fairytale-like forest, Dy is in a good mood with a smile forming in his nicely-shaped lips.


[That’s right, Dy usually prefers the quiet, huh?]

[Not at all! Because the bustling liveliness is enjoyable, isn’t it? It’s fun teasing Swordsman-kun and Shii-chan, the lizard is easy to talk to, Rei is also delicious and adorable and I feel comfortable when I’m near you.]


Dy narrows his eyes like a cat and rubbed his cheek with mine.

U~n, I feel like I’m being treated as a pet after all.


[I really like the position where I’m in right now. Isn’t Rei the same?]

[Yeah, although it started as me going with the flow in the beginning, now I feel empty if Alf, Ciel, Ragna, and Dy aren’t around.]

[Isn’t that where you say that you like everybody?]

[That’s, I do. Yeah, you’re right…. I love everybody.]


It’s embarrassing to say things like this, but I tried saying it since there’s only Dy here.


My chest felt warm and I’m a little happy.


When I look down to where the necklace is around out of embarrassment, it was shining faintly.