Four Ikemen Chapter 55

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55 Secret Activities


The conversation harmoniously advanced with the impression of a bashful Ciel and his doting parents.


[Our son Ciel, once he sets his heart on either magic or studying, becomes single-minded.]

[He’s still like that even now when he’s completely absorbed in magic.

[Is that right, Alf-kun? He must have troubled you.]

[Not at all, he also helped me a lot of times. And it’s not like he can’t see the others around him, he even played an active role in protecting Rei back at the Holy City.]

[He wasn’t able to do that before, but it looks like he matured in the outside world. It must be thanks to you all, you have my gratitude.]


Alf and Ciel’s father must have comprehended their position as Ciel’s former guardians, looks like they’re talking together well.


It’s funny how it’s slightly becoming something like a parent and child meeting at school.


[Ciel-chan might be easy to misunderstand but he’s a good child. There was a time when Ciel-chan was thi~s small and he picked up an injured small bird, he desperately casted healing magic on it with tears pooling in his eyes, but its parents misunderstood and attacked him to protect their young so he cried loudly.]

[Kaa-san! Please stop with that story.]

[I also remember when he plunged into a Redousse Dragon and became teary-eyed. Isn’t it normal to have stories of failure when you’re a kid?]

[That’s right, I also made a mistake and destroyed a part of the city and regretted it.]


Unlike Ciel’s adorable mistakes, he’s laughing even though he’s talking about a story that’s beyond acceptable, what on earth was it that he mistook that caused him to destroy a part of the city?


[Ufufufu, Dy-san is such a mischievous person, that was a funny joke.]

No no, Cis-san, that’s most probably the truth.


[That’s right, dear me! Everyone will be staying here for a while, right? Although I’d also love to hear about Rei-chan’s love story, I’ll prepare the rooms first.]

[You don’t really have to hear it!]

[I will definitely listen to it later!]


Ignoring Ciel’s cry, Cis ascended to the second floor in a good mood.