Four Ikemen Chapter 53

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53 Crystal Necklace


Ciel finalized his research and it’s finally decided that we are leaving tomorrow.


[Rei, I wish for you to see the result of my research.


After being called, I  headed towards the room Ciel uses as his laboratory.


[Ciel, what is it that you want me to see?]


Ciel was by the stone wall inside the neatly cleaned room wearing a white coat. Doesn’t it look too good on this guy?


The gap is too much compared to his usual adventurer style with bow and arrows on his back that I feel like his delicate and beautiful looks become more prominent with the effect of the white coat.


[This is the result of my research.]


What was shown when he opened his palm is a crystal necklace with the size of a small acorn.


The crystal which shines with emerald green has its flat surfaces combined and combined into a circular shape.

The umbrella part of the acorn is being adorned with gold, and with a matching gold chain, the stone’s color looks attractive.


[Hee~, it’s pretty. Since you said this is the result of your research, does it have magic bestowed to it?]

[That’s right, taking out and compressing the minuscule amount of magic power in the crystals found in the cave, I aligned the directionality of the mystical constitutive relation constructed by the magic power.]

[I see, I don’t understand it.]


Use a technical word that isn’t too hard to understand, please.


[To put it simply, it means that it’s made of crystals that will glow when it detects an enemy to inform you of the danger. As long as you put  this on your body, we will know where you are even if we are far away.]

[He~, how handy…. Eh, do you mean you’re giving it to me?]


He explained it in a way as if I’m the one wearing it.

For some reason, Ciel became uncomfortable at my question.