Four Ikemen Chapter 52

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52 A Quiet Marriage Ceremony


“Look forward to your reward, okay?”, the demon said after cleaning me up and dove into the darkness.

Yeah, I can only have a bad feeling about it. What are you going to do about it?

I put on some clothes and Ragna gets up with a refreshed face.


[Oh, that’s right. There was that.]


As if he remembered something, he searched through the cabinet installed in the room.


[Rei, accept this.]


Dropped on the palm of my hand is a bracelet with a vertical width the same as the bangle Dy resides but a larger size.

Delicate carvings are decorated on the golden hoop, isn’t this pretty valuable?


[This is a memento my Baa-sama* distributed to me, it’s a matrimonial bracelet prepared for when my bride arrives. If it’s not in the way, can you put it on you?](TN: Grandmother)


There’s no way I can not put it on after being told something like that. I planned to put the bracelet on the opposite arm that Dy’s bangle is stuck.


[…It’s a bit too big, though.]


Ragna’s obaa-san* probably had not assumed that the bride will be from the human race, it’s too big that it slides right off. It looks to be perfectly fit for Sati, though.


When I tried putting it on my ankle, it somehow managed to stay without falling. Since Dy’s bangle is also gold in color, there’s a sense of unity which feels good.


[Is it alright even in the ankle?]

[I don’t fuss about the small details. Because the Dragonians’ marriage is established by having his gift worn by the bride, it means that with this you are officially my wife.]

[Even though you said there were countless women, you still haven’t married?]

[Hahhahha, isn’t it the feeling that’s important?]


Well, that might be true, but still. Ragna laughed cheerfully afterward, he leaned his forehead close and stuck it to me.


The sunset-like red hair hanged on the back of my neck and it slightly tickles.


[How do you humans hold your wedding ceremony? My side is already finished, let’s also do your hometown’s tradition.]

[The marriage ceremony in my place? Let’s see, there are various ways it’s done. Generally, family members and friends are invited, and then announce that we’re getting married. And then, there’s a feast, a dress and a tuxedo, exchanging of the rings, and the congratulatory speech.]

[What, so aren’t we almost done?]

[… Maybe?]


On top of the ceremony not being given, it’s not a ring but an anklet instead, I did wear a white dress but Ragna didn’t wear a tuxedo, a lot of the details are wrong.


[We haven’t done that wedding proclamation, yet, what do we do?]

[We swear to God. “In sickness and in health, we promise to support each other”, or something like that.]


I think I’d heard on TV that non-religious ceremonies were becoming mainstream, but I didn’t know much about it, so tried a more familiar way of expressing vows.


[Umu, let’s swear. Let us support  each other and live.]

[Un, I’ll be in your care.]


Ragna’s  amber eyes powerfully declare. His unclouded strong gaze brings about a sense of security.


I became so happy that I personally gave him a kiss.


[What is it, are you still drunk?]

[That’s not it. This is a kiss of promise. We swear to God like this.]

[I see, then I will also give it to you.]


I respond to the peck-like kiss unaccompanied by lust. Somehow, being like this sure is blissful.

After that, I stayed in Ragna’s house for a while.

Sati Eroica who made me wear a female’s clothing game me male clothes as a token of apology.

The clothes have a lot of frills on the collar that look like a noble’s. When am I going to wear something like this?


It’s also bad to return it so I just dumped it inside the dark space, but I feel like it will come to use.

Haru Ahanna seemed to be satisfied with the one-day sister play, she started treating me like a normal elder brother. I was healed.

As for the reckless Dragonian Lloyd,


[I somehow encouraged you to have sake even though you can’t drink. I don’t really remember it, but I’m sorry!]


So he said and went away like a storm, he applied to have a rematch with Ragna.

In the close to two weeks of being in their care, he’s been competing with prey-hunting without missing a single day. He sure is lively.


And Ragna who accompanies him every time is such a good brother. Thanks to them, dinner is always a feast.