Four Ikemen Chapter 51

Editor: Fluffthoughts

51 ☆ Yesterday’s continuation


I was in the cave when I opened my eyes. Uhmm? Where is this? Yellow crystal lamps are growing here and there. My memory before I went to sleep might be hazy, but this is Ragna’s room, right?


Next to me, or rather behind me, Ragna was sleeping. He’s hugging me from behind like I’m a body pillow. My back feels warm.


[Good morning, Rei, you’re awake.]


The one who called out to me wasn’t the Dragonian but the Demon. He’s sitting on the edge of the bed is looking down at me.


[Good morning…]


Huh, somehow my voice is hoarse. That’s weird, did I catch a cold?


[Oh my, this is terrible. I’ll let you drink some water.]


Dy made a glass of water appear on his hand, he took a sip of water in his mouth and approached me. Eeh!? Is he going for the mouth-to-mouth feeding?


The me who was being restrained by Ragna’s thick arms and couldn’t move was made to drink water without much resistance.



[…M… … Nh, fwahh]

[Good boy, it should be enough with this. The sake’s smell is also thoroughly gone.]

[Sake? Did I drink sake yesterday?]

[Did you forget? You got pretty drunk. So you become assertive when you get drunk. What a waste, If not for the sake’s smell, I would have joined you last night.]


Assertive…? Just what on earth did I…




I remembered, I  remembered, I remembered~! I thoughtlessly clung to them stickily and demanding a kiss from myself, I did those in front of other people…!




I want to go in if there’s a hole. This place is a cave hole though, and I’m already inside it.


[What’s wrong…the sun hasn’t risen yet, are you already awake?]


Ragna woke up from my grieving voice that was a bother to others.


[So, sorry for waking you up.]

[I don’t mind. Raising your voice, did have a nightmare?]

[It would be great if that was a dream…]


Unfortunately, I clearly remember it.  I seduced Alf and Ciel while dressed in female clothing, and in that state, we *beep* and *beep* until we ended up in an “ufuhn” and “ahhahn~” situation, I fully remember. (TN: What is this? Am I doing this correctly? O.o)


I feel like I was screaming quite a lot of times, of course, my voice is bound to hoarse, isn’t it?

Uu, I was drunk, I was quite wily while being unaware of it. It would have been better if I forgot everything…




When I came back to my senses, something hard is poking on my ass. Uhm~?


[Excuse me~, Ragna, is something becoming excited?]

[Because it’s morning.]


Of course~, morning wood is a normal physiological reaction, isn’t it~, but I wonder why do I feel like it’s gradually getting bigger and is rubbing against my buttcrack?


Or rather, I’m not wearing any clothes! I’m naked! Aren’t I in a pinch!?


[I want to wake up soon~, just kiddingg!]