Four Ikemen Chapter 5


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Editor    : Fluffthoughts


Chapter 5: Meeting with Ciel


Second seme’s appearance.


Returning back near the gate, I arrive at the bakery I saw before.

A fragrant scent tickled my nose when I entered the store. The brown and hard bread on the outside seems to be mainstream.

I decided to buy and try the one with fruits in it.


[Please give me one of these.]

[Please wrap this up.]


An overlapping order of the same bread came from beside me. A young man carrying a bow looked at me with a surprised face. Uwaa, what a beautiful person. He has a translucent white skin, the ridge of his nose is straight, his gold, short hair curls borders a small face.

He’s tall and slender, and his green eyes look like gems. Because he has long ears, could he be an elf? I quickly check his status.


Cieltzwarm Euclain*

Elf Race


43 years old

Lv: 84

HP: 4029/4029

MP: 2305/2305

Magic Attribute: Fire; Water; Wind

Skills: Magic; Archery; Exploration ( 短剣術); Wind Reading; Forest Heart; MP Boost; Spirit Vision; Fleet-Footed; Foresight; Parallel Thought; Compounding; Dismantling; Dominance

Titles: Protected by Spirits; First-class Archer; Special-class Magician; Dragonslayer; A-rank, Daybreak Wind’s Member


It’s impossible to see him as 43 years old because his skin is so glossy, is it because elves have long lives after all? It looks like it has something to do with elves being good at magic, he has the highest MP I’ve seen so far.

Huh, I remember seeing one of his titles somewhere…. but before I manage to remember, he calls out to me.


[Do you also like grapes?]

[Is it the one inside this bread? I haven’t eaten one yet but it looks delicious.]


The big brother smiled broadly. A beautiful man’s smile is too bright.


[I recommend it. I’m Ciel, an adventurer. You are?]

[I’m Rei. I’m also an adventurer, I just became one, though.]

[An adventurer? Are you perhaps a magician?]

[That’s right.]


Ciel furrows his eyebrows. Huh, did I say something wrong?


[You don’t have your staff?]

[Not yet.]

[Do you use other weapons?]


[Have you formed a party with someone?]

[I haven’t.]


Ciel lowered his eyes and sighed.

The shadow from his long eyelashes makes it so his face looks like a delicately made doll, he looks like a thoughtless cold beauty.


[That’s right. It’s better not to get careless just because you can use magic. **You will be caught in your feet if you’re not careful, and then you’ll be exposed and be sent to your death.]



Ciel who has suddenly turned cold took his ordered bread and left.  What on earth was that about?

Although the bread looks delicious, my appetite is gone. I’ll just come back again next time.


I went to the general store and medicine shop to buy daily necessities and potions, then I returned to the inn to arrange my things then the time for dinner arrived.

I wonder what’s for today’s dinner? After going down to the first floor and sitting down, the girl from the inn came carrying my food so I thanked her and received it.

Now that I think about it, I still don’t know this girl’s name.


[Thank you. I’m called Rei, and you are?]

[I’m Poppy. Today’s menu is white wolf stew, enjoy your meal!]


Poppy Melrose


10 years old


Lv: 2

HP: 106/106

MP: 12/12

Magic Attribute: Fire

Skill: Cooking

Title: Inn Owner’s Daughter


The stew had a gentle taste of milk. It spreads throughout my body that has walked for the entire day.

I returned to my room and asked for hot water to wipe my body. Unfortunately, the bath is a luxury and it seems to be only in the aristocratic houses or high-class accommodations.


After wiping my body, I don’t even have the energy to move so I dive to the bed. As I was dazing around, I remember Ciel’s last words.

Was he warning me that if I don’t prepare enough, I’ll die? However, because of my shopping today, my money has decreased by a third, so there I don’t have the leisure to stay still in the inn. I have to start earning money tomorrow.


When I was asked about having a party, Aleph’s face surfaced for a moment but I immediately erased it.

There’s too much gap in levels, and the amount of my MP is abnormal. I’ll be troubled if he asked to look at my guild card.


Also, his reaction when we parted… Unfortunately, to my disappointment, it’s truly very regrettable, but men easily fall for me. Even though I’m not popular among women, I’m very popular among men.

Things like being confessed to or being forcibly pushed down are no longer new to me.

Getting confessed is still okay, but I will fight if I’m being touched. It looks like I need to strengthen myself.


My eyelids fell while I was thinking. Let’s leave it all for today and get ready tomorrow.



* – シエルツォーム・エクライン

** – 油断していると足元をすくわれて、死に面を晒す羽目になる