☆Four Ikemen Chapter 48

48 ☆The Power of Alcohol

A/N: Rei has gotten drunk so I made it into a third person’s pov.


Ragna’s room was also dotted with crystal lamps. The amber crystals consolidate with the color of his eyes, emitting a faint air of warmth.


There’s a tailored giant bed in the middle of the room. It is big enough that if the five of them can sleep in it while lying like the character of the river*. (TN: river kanji is ‘川’. It means the five of them can fit in that bed while lying vertically.)


Ragna placed Rei on top of the bed. His clumsy arms make a delicate action and without the slightest impact, he manages to place the person in his arms on top of the bedsheets.


The demon who has overseen Rei’s safe transfer returned inside the shadow and disappeared. Apparently, he isn’t a fan of the alcohol’s aroma.

Rei sluggishly moves to the side and extended his arm  towards the elf who was nearby.


[Ciel, let’s chuu.]

[Re, Rei…]


Ciel gulped.

Rei’s current appearance was like that of a sweet and innocent girl and his drunkenness helped to give him the impression that he’s younger than his normal age.

When he sits on his knees on top of the bed and asks for a kiss with his face dyed red, he(Ciel) feels as if he’s doing something he shouldn’t.

The dress Sati Eroica chose and the makeup she put on Rei was capitalized to maximize his qualities, creating a beautiful girl who looks like a flower wet with morning dew.

It was not a beauty as if he has changed into a different person, it was that if Rei was a girl then he would probably look like this.


Even though Rei looks neat and clean, he who behaves like a spoiled child and was using a boy’s voice once he opens his mouth to invite him(Ciel) gives off a dangerous charm.


[Hey, you don’t wanna chuu? Could it be because I’m in this outfit? Do you think I’m a pervert?]

[That’s not true! That, how should I say this, you’re just too cute that it makes it hard for me to lift a hand…]

[As I thought, this get-up is the problem, got it. I’m taking it off.]


The intoxicated Rei started acting on his thoughts. However, he tried to raise the hem of the dress and also tried to untangle the cord on his back but without understanding how it’s done, he only got confused halfway through.


[It won’t come off….]


Rei’s white thighs were boldly exposed and his bare body peeks through the half-opened cord . For the men who are in love with him, it was too poisonous a sight for their eyes.


[There’s no need for you to take it off since it perfectly suits you then wear it for a while longer.]


Ragna strokes Rei’s long hair and gives him a deep kiss. Rei responds to his tongue’s movement in a daze.


[Mh,  mu… hafuu. Hehe, it’s a chuu.]


As his gaze lingered on Rei, who was acting coy even while his eyes glazed over with passion, Alf’s cheeks reddened.

Ragna scatters kiss marks on his neck then raises his upper body.


[An honest Rei is also nice. Now then, because I need to discipline that stupid younger brother of mine, I will leave Rei to you two.]

[Ragna, are you going?]

[It’s because I was able to savor you yesterday, today I will hand over that duty to these guys. Although I want to privately praise Ane-sha for doing such a great job, it seems she took her prank too far so I will tell her not to do it again. Behave yourself for a short while.]


After combing the disheveled black wig in place with his hand, Ragna tells Alf and Ciel.


[Oh, that’s right, even if you stain that dress completely, it doesn’t matter.]


He throws those words out and left the room.


[What do we do, Alf?]

[We can’t possibly leave Rei in this state, we have to stay by his side.]

[You, can you endure such an innocent temptation like this? It’s impossible for me.]


When he heard the two’s secret conversation,  he probably felt that he was being left out, Rei clung to both of them.


[Alf, Ciel! Let’s gyuu~, gyuu~.]


Ciel’s eyes wavered and excitedly embraced Rei on impulse.


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